February 07, 2010

One a day plus Irony

Awww, poor global warmmonger.
So one of the tools from the email scam is whining about how he was thinking about killing himself because of the pitchforked crowds.
Eh, just so-so funny.
But then he gets over the top funny.
“I am just a scientist. I have no training in PR or dealing with crises.”

Hahahaha... oh wait, he's serious.
The whole point of that deal is that he was acting as a PR agent instead of as a scientist, he had to hide the truth because recent data would just confuse idiots who think the temperature of the Earth has something to do with the Sun.
And all of a sudden he can't deal with a crisis? After years of bleating about the crisis and then demanding $billions to fix it?
Via Althouse

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