February 22, 2010

Oh, too bad, so sad

You know, I don't begrudge anybody who makes a shitload of money...as long as they do it in a way that's legit:

The latest blow to those urging action against global warming came last week, when Yvo de Boer said he would step down as United Nations climate chief, two months after 193 countries meeting in Copenhagen failed to reach a binding agreement on curbing greenhouse gases.


The resignation may reduce the possibility that a worldwide market aimed at reducing carbon emissions is within reach, said Trevor Sikorski, an emissions analyst for Barclays Capital in London.

“It’s a sad day for the carbon market, and we’ll be lucky to get somebody with Yvo’s dedication and hard work as a successor,” Sikorski said.

UN carbon credits have fallen 13 percent on the European Climate Exchange in London since the start of the Copenhagen meeting, which was aiming to set limits for emissions after 2012. The NEX index tracking shares of 86 companies involved in clean energy has tumbled 12 percent since the talks.

You know what? I hope you all lose your fucking shirts, you fucking dishonest pirate bastards. And I'll laugh and laugh if you lose your private jets, limousines, and mansions, too.

You bet your money and credibility on a fucking scam, and you lost. It's not a sad day. It's a fucking great day when something like this happens, you fucking wealth-destroying shitheels. And it'll be an even better day if a bunch of you (including that fattest of fat fucking hypocrites, Algore) end up in jail, though I'm not holding my breath.

You. Fucking. Lose. Go to hell, where it's plenty warm.

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