February 18, 2010

More than Teddy Kennedy?

So far Global Warmmongering has killed at least 4 people in Australia.

The Aussie PM decided to save Gaia by subsidizing foil insulation in people's houses.
So little known fact, foil insulation can electrocute people.
Well, little known to Aussie PMs.
Electricians formally warned Environment Minister Peter Garrett that metal roof insulation could cost lives months before he banned it.

Oh, so maybe it wasn't little known. Well, now that people are dying and there's an uproar,
Mandatory training starts on Friday - almost a year after the program began, despite a string of warnings that untrained installers were dangerous and reports of homes catching fire because of poorly installed pink batts.

Yay! I mean, it's not his fault. Just because he was warned and stuff.
After all, he's a lefty. His biggest problem is that he cares too much.

What's a few dead installers between friends? Bah. Working class drudges. There's plenty more where they came from. Too many if you ask your average global warmmonger.

Via Tim Blair, who's been covering this for a couple weeks. I've been expecting it to be covered here but nobody's touching it.
I guess all the revelations about global worming "science" has been good for at least one person.

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