February 09, 2010

It's hard out there for a climate scientist fraud

Phil Jones, one of the main douchebags at the center of the Climategate scandal apparently considered committing suicide over the whole thing. He's been getting some nasty emails urging him to do just that, and while I disapprove of that sort of shit, I had forgotten about this little detail from the leaked emails between Jones and his asshole colleagues...

In another email, the death of a leading climate change sceptic is described as "cheering news".
What goes around comes around, fuckstick.

Oh, and...
Prof Jones said he was knocked sideways by the worldwide outrage that followed the leaking of the emails.
No, he was knocked sideways (and, I hope, fucked sideways) by the leaking of the emails because it exposed him and his buddies as some of the biggest, most expensive frauds in recent history.

Oh, and watch the widdle baby cry some more...
“I am just a scientist. I have no training in PR or dealing with crises," he said.
Um, first of all, you're emphatically not a scientist. A scientist starts with a hypothesis and looks for data to confirm that. He or she doesn't make shit up to confirm that hypothesis. And a scientist certainly doesn't collude with colleagues to hide evidence or fudge data that contradicts his hypothesis. Who does that? Fucking liars and cheats, that's who.

Oh, and you don't know anything about crises? What the fuck have you been peddling throughout your entire dishonest career? You fucking took a made-up crisis and turned it into a goldmine of international research grant money, and now that you've been exposed as a fucking phony, we're supposed to feel some sympathy for you?

I hope you don't commit suicide, mostly because I'd rather see you in prison.

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