May 11, 2009

I didn't know hippies liked vodka

Sure, you like Val-U-Rite vodka because it gets you good and hammered, but it doesn't give you the smug sense of self-satisfaction provided by this stuff:

"I didn't just want to create an organic spirit, I wanted to produce a product that represents the lifestyle of me and of my community completely ... it was something that no one else in the field was doing." [Square One Organic Spirits founder Allison] Evanow explained.

The USDA organic certified rye that Square One is made of, is grown at a farm in North Dakota where it receives fresh spring water, chemical-free compost and lots of TLC.

Most vodkas are made with corn or potato, which is much cheaper and easier to grow.

When the organic grain is mature, it's taken to a distillery where it's meticulously processed on wind-generated power.

It doesn't just end with the booze, either...
Square One's bottle is made of recycled materials. The label, printed with soy ink, is made of bamboo, sugar cane, pulp and cotton.
Isn't that precious?

And you can find cocktail recipes on their website, too!
The Square One Cucumber-tini made with Sungold cherry tomatoes, frash basil and Meyer lemon juice is said to be a fan fave.
Um, that's really more of a salad than a cocktail. I think I'll just go ahead and continue swilling mine straight out of the 1.75 liter plastic jug which, no, I do not recycle. Take that, you Marin County assholes!

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