June 03, 2008


Every time I think the envirowhackos have uncovered all the ways to piss me off further or annoy me, they come back with something new.  Hypermiling is basically doing a bunch of annoying inconvenient things to stretch out your gas mileage as far as you can, and our douchebag reporter is all onboard with it. 

Things like, I shit you not, turning your car off at traffic lights or stop signs.  Our doofus reporter is from Manhattan, and doesn't drive his eeeevil GMC Yukon (which he tells us he feels oh so guilty for owning) much, and just thinks that is a swell idea!  The greenie douchebag the reporter interviewed even has a cute acronym for SUVs, GSP's (gas sucking pigs), ain't that just a, er gas?   Because I can just imagine NYC drivers maintaining their patience and waiting for some hippie sitting at the light trying to start up his car as the light goes green...

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