April 14, 2010

How the sun changes the climate without changing the climate

Get this - when there's low solar activity, sometimes, it gets colder.  Unfuckingbelievable, right?  I don't see how that could even possibly be possible, so it's a good thing all them climate scientists are there to show me the rational side of things, isn't it.

The UK and continental Europe could be gripped by more frequent cold winters in the future as a result of low solar activity, say researchers.

They identified a link between fewer sunspots and atmospheric conditions that "block" warm, westerly winds reaching Europe during winter months.

But wait!  There's moar awesome science to remind you that, while the sun may be making things colder by its utter and complete lack of cooperation, global warming is still your fault, you mouth-breathing, oil-using, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.  Because, you see, there is no link between the sun and climate change.  Just cold winters.

Scientists have produced further compelling evidence showing that modern-day climate change is not caused by changes in the Sun's activity.

The research contradicts a favoured theory of climate "sceptics", that changes in cosmic rays coming to Earth determine cloudiness and temperature.

The idea is that variations in solar activity affect cosmic ray intensity.

But UK scientists found there has been no significant link between cosmic rays and cloudiness in the last 20 years.

So, um, yeah.  Take that, skeptics; science has managed to prove you right and prove you wrong all in one fell swoop. 

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