September 18, 2008

Have I Ever Mentioned That I REALLY HATE Hippies?

Well, it seems my dreams of watching a shitload of them getting their asses beat by the cops during a drum circle almost came to fruition.


...Modes, wearing a large blue plastic barrel drum, got between the two men and began using the drum to push the officer away, police said. Rusk took off running, officers said.

About five minutes later, according to police, Rusk returned to continue cutting the fence. When the officer confronted Rusk a second time, Modes again began pushing the officer with his drum. This time, others joined him, according to police.

The officer held onto Rusk by his shirt, but drummers and their friends helped Rusk take off the shirt to escape, police said. However, Rusk was arrested by another officer as he tried to run away. Modes then lead the crowd as it surrounded the officers, police said.

Meanwhile, police in cars with sirens blazing sped from all sides of town to help. Officers blocked Cathcart street between Cedar Street and Pacific Avenue.

Police established a line between the officers and the protesters, and hauled off Rusk and Modes. Officers then dispersed and left the drummers alone.

California Highway Patrol and Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies also were dispatched, but were called back because the scene cleared out.

After the ruckus died down, the drum circle played on, with the smell of marijuana wafting through the air. Those remaining in the parking lot had mixed views on what had just happened.

Too bad no hippies were severely injured. One can always dream, though.

And here is an instructional video on how to deal with them.

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