December 03, 2009

Global Warmer = Douchebag

Be warned: there is math in this post!  However, the math is used to prove that liberals are douchebags, so there's that.

The climate meeting is Copenhagen is all the rage these days.  Leave it to teh enemy, Fox News, to point out that Copenhagen is going to leave one hell of a nasty carbon footprint.  How nasty of a carbon footprint, you ask?  A whopping 40,584 tons of carbon dioxide, Fox News answers!

Now, I love my mother, and I don't want her to think that her life as a math teacher was wasted, so I'm going to go ahead and prove that all that basic math she taught me is something I can use in every day life - so, let's break that down, shall we?  (Yes, here is where the forewarned math comes in.  Deep breaths.)

There are 16,500 delegates, reporters, and assorted crazies attending Copenhagen for 12 days.  So:

40,584 tons of carbon dioxide / 16,500 people / 12 days = .2 tons per person per day

Now.  From what I've been able to find, the average American person has a carbon footprint of approximately 23 tons of carbon dioxide per year.  So:

23 tons of carbon dioxide / 1 person / 365 days = .06 tons per person per day

That's an increase of 333% (that's right, three hundred and thirty three percent) per day over the average American's contribution to the fist-fucking of Gaia. 

Way to increase my awareness by killing the planet further.  I'm so proud.

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