March 08, 2010

Dog Bites Man: Soros-funded Green Business Astroturfing

A name like "American Businesses for Clean Energy" trips my BS detector somethin' fierce.  "Clean energy" in reference to current-generation technology is pretty much antithetical to economic growth.

I found out about this organization from a co-blogger from another site who was approached about spreading the word about this wonderful group.  Obviously the green evangelist didn't realize my co-blogger dude does a lot of business with oil companies and makes frequent trips to Alaska. 

First stop is a WhoIs search -- turns out the domain is registered to a group called the Natural Resources Defense Council, which is funded by all the usual lefty suspects such as Soros' Open Society Institute, Ted Turner's foundation, the New York Times Company Foundation, the Heinz Family Foundation, etc.  Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio happen to be on the NRDC board of trustees.

I guess this is where I'd go "gotcha", but as I indicated in the title, this is pretty much a "dog bites man" story. 

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