March 02, 2010

Dear Phil Jones

Fuck you. Fuck you with Algore's used sweatrags. Fuck your "process". Fuck the scams you have pushed with your fucked up "process". Fuck your arrogance. Fuck the polar bears, carbon credits, Cap & Trade, glaciers, and anything else you or your whoresons of fucking fuckity fuck and luxuriously icegilded mountain goatse have going for you. And just fuck you and your hoy hoy sweep of vanity in general.

You want a "process"? You fucking want to do it right? Why not follow this memo, oh sucker of syrup from the skyfucked treecock of fuck? Or, is the fear of being proven wrong too much for you and your cockringed cabal of climate coddled kleptocracy, who have helped force punitive and burdensome restrictions and penalties on people and businesses because of the shit you pushed?

Fuck you, Phil Jones. Fuck you for what you have done to the world, science, and everything because of your work. Now go away, and fuck off while you are at it.

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