June 08, 2010

Dear November: Please Hurry Up!

Especially after shit like this.

Seriously, fuck anything that votes for against this*. Fuck them so fucking freaky style with the cat's paw of hatiness and anger tied to the flailing fuckring from the flying fuckrhino of fuck that all that will be left of them is a trail of tears, spent careers, more tears, and an extra trip down the river of fuck. Fuck them for using junk data to justify their unlubed and unwanted scissorfucking of the American way of life as if it were an overworked Sri Lankan Soccer Ball Maker. Fuck them for ignoring the voting public, who keeps yelling "Fuck No!" to their agenda. And fuck them fuckity fucklike with a free fuckmissile as a loss leader for their unmitigated gall and arrogance.

Look, you fucking fastuous fuckpeds of fucking FAIL and flagitiousness, I will fucking enjoy reminding you who is boss this November. I will fucking enjoy reminding you that we the fucking people rule and should be listened to, lest your career get the foin of fucking fury forced up your fucking asses. And I will fifty fucking hippie kicks in a row enjoy reminding you that fucking with my daughter's future and ability to live her own life as a free person will have its electoral and career shortening consequences for you and the fucking rest of your fuckbag of fooliaminy.

So fuck off, lefties. Fuck you with what you have left of your career and get the fucking fucked with a buffalo horn while leaving.

*Critical Update! Sean pointed out my foolishness and foppery. Carry on.

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