April 20, 2010

Dear Michael "ClimateGate" Mann


Fuck you. Fuck you and your arrogant personage forever with a frozen meat thermometer soaked in liquid AIDS. Fuck you for lying to help get an awful fucking agenda passed. Fuck you for covering up your lies. And fuck you for trying to sue those who mock you.

What, you fucking can't take a joke or stand to be criticized? What the fuck fuckingly fucked up fuckwhiff of fuck is that all about? I fucking thought scientists encouraged criticism as part of the process. I thought scientists wanted to make their work better through resistance and opposition. And I thought scientists weren't such thin skinned assaholic assfisters of fuckingly fucked up monkey jizz as you are.

Oh well, I guess I was wrong. I guess you are a dickhead. I guess you are unwilling to face criticism for your actions. And I guess you have the emotional maturity of a three year old.

So fuck off, "Doctor" Mann. Fuck you for what you and your junk science have done to the planet, business, and true scientific discovery. And go get raped by a frozen polar bear's wangdang while watching this video:

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