December 08, 2009

But What About The Carbon Dioxide?

This is actually really fucking cool, but I can't post this article without poking some fun at the environmentalist groups that have decided that carbon dioxide is Enemy Of The State Number One, and that all of your silly breathing in and out is killing teh earth.  Using some sort of crazy super-science, some guys from Stanford made a battery out of paper.

How amazing!  With the correct application, we could make cloth batteries and paper batteries and your hybrid could guzzle paper instead of fuel.

Wait - wait a minute.  Someone just told me that paper is made of trees.  So, to create green, sustainable energy, they want to cut down trees?  I guess the good thing is that with all the carbon credit schemes, ManBearPig and his cronies have planted groves of trees all over the earth that we can cut down.  Unfortunately, that means fewer trees to convert the poison that we filthy humans dare to exhale back into oxygen.

So, if I were a global warmer, I would assume that we're all fucked.  No matter what we do, we're going to fail.

So, fuck you, paper batteries.  I hate you.

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