May 23, 2010

Are You There, Gaia? It's Me, Algore

I should not be surprised that the left would want to hide and block any references to how awful their plans would be and are for this country. But this really set me off.

And here is my take and message to the left:
Fuck you. Fuck you the green biodegradable way with a windmill's motor shoved so far up your ass, you'll be wondering why your brain is rattling and humming non Bono style. Fuck you for not only trying to ruin everything civilization has tried to do to make our lives better, but then fucking trying to cover it up. And fuck you because I am too fat and old to go out and do what I really want to do, and that is kicking a hippie in the head until my leg falls off and I get a boner from the rush, and doing what I really want to you requires me to eat less and get in shape to do so.

You want to fuck our country and our future up as f it were a used box of splooge left over in the fuckdumpster of fail and then fucking cover it up as if you were covering up that time as a 13 year old when you had your first dream about nailing your friend's mom? Fine. Then Imma gonna tell you what Imma gonna do. Any fucking Fuckcock McFuckface hippie fuckdouche who tells me anything about anything gets a 10 second head start before I fire up something that burns a metric fuckton of fuel in order to operate, and then run his fucking envirofascist ass down and cover him in motor oil and the fuckdrippings from the last time my wife was up for a night of "Meeting The Bear In The Woods". Anything less would be less than proper for what these fucking fuckrumps of fucking fascism and fuckitude want to do to me.

For you see, you fucking out of tune autofuckharps of fuck, this involves America, the land that offers hope and promise and a better day tomorrow than today, not a worse standard of living to please a fat bloated fucktub like manbearpig can buy another jet. This is the land where we CAN fucking do better, AND clean the environment, AND make a profit, so long as you fucking fuckjumpers stay out of the fucking way and inhibit the growth that will make everything better. But I guess the fact that giving the Green Goatse Of Gorebull to the rest of the world has fucked it up worse than a toilet at the restaurant where I ate a plate of macho nachos means nothing to you fuckers, right?

Well, fuck, and no. This fucking means everything to me. This impacts my life. This impacts my daughter's life. And this impacts every other American's life. This shit will ruin our future, and you lefties don't care? Then fuck you. I will fight you. I will expose you. And I will do everything in my legal rights to tell you you are not fucking welcome here. Get fucked with algore's used toilet paper rolls, and go to whatever Gaiahell is along the way.

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