November 25, 2009

Another Lefty Sees His World Collapse Around Him

Thanks to MCPO over at H2, I saw this video of Ed Begley, Jr. freak out over the hacked/leaked global warming emails.
What you are seeing is another lefty freaking out that his sacred cow, his faith, his raison d'etre, is not only being questioned, but being exposed. And, in a way, it is something to be pitied as he scrambles around. Here is the pathetic last believer, begging for his side to come up with some new facts, some new talking points, some new SOMETHING that will save him and his system of belief from utter collapse and further embarrassment.

Begley has been confronted with the  fact that his faith, its dogma, its icons, and its evangelists have been exposed as nothing more than a bogus scam filled with the modern equivalent of the shady faith healer in the tent who is more interested in self enrichment than saving souls (or the planet). And watching him refuse to face reality is sad. But what is even sadder is watching other people like him, often incredibly intelligent and educated, throw themselves wholeheartedly into a belief, a cult, or a set of beliefs that not only are foolish, but then act like children when things do not go their way. And I can gurandamntee you that more Begleys are freaking out now that their idols and articles of faith are being exposed.

And to the them, I have this message:

Fuck you. Fuck you with your sustainable lifestyle up your nutrient depleted hippie asses. How does it feel, lefties? How the fuck does it fucking feel to see this happen to you right in front of your fucking eyes? How the fucking fuckity fuck with the hockey stick graph does it fucking feel to discover that the fucking "faith" and people you emptied your hearts, wallets, and brains for over the past few decades were lying to you, lying over, and over, and over, only to ask for more money, time, and attention in the process? How the fuck does it feel to know that the people you trusted were trying to hide the truth from you, mocking you for your naivete and gullibility, and conspiring to keep you in the dark, believing the shit sandwich they kept feeding you? How the fuck does it feel? Or, do you refuse to face the facts, preferring to continue telling yourself and your inner circle of fellow believers that it can't be real, that this is all a fraud, and that the "truth" will come out?

How fucking sad is it that you put your faith in something that turned out not to even be "science", but a scam? How the fuck do you feel knowing that for all of your protestations of "logic and cold facts" over "theology", you were doing the exact same fucking thing as the bumpkins you mock who believe that Gawd Almighty created the Earth 6000 years ago and refuse to acknowledge the dinosaur bones poking up out of the fucking ground right in front of them? You see, that is what you are, lefties and green goofs. You are as naive and gullible as the people you mock as illiterate holy rollers and "deniers". You fell for the same traps, the same hucksters, the same scams, and the same brainwashing as the people you mock, and the video proof linked above isn't pretty. And while I pity you, I have no sympathy for you.

And you know what is even more fucked up than that? You fuckfisters and cockjobbers wanted to do to me what you claim the Moral Majority has wanted to do since Falwell was an infant: force your set of beliefs and lifestyle upon the rest of us, privacy, costs, efficiency, and personal responsibility be damned. Fuck you for that. Fuck you for trying to run my life for me. Fuck you just for being in the same solar system as me.

Grow the fuck up, greenies. Grow the fuck up, face the facts, admit you have been had. Grow the fuck up and search for something better in your life. Search for something that is real, tangible, and will be there for you. Search for something that won't lie to you, deceive you, mock you, and then ask for more of your time, money, faith and devotion.

And while you are at it, get the fuck out of my face with your bullshit, and let me be.

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