February 12, 2010

Aha! I Knew I Was Saving The Earth By Eating So Much Meat!

Fuck you, vegetarians. Fuck you and your smug self righteousness with a soy block soaked in bacon drippings. Fuck you for lecturing me that eating meat was bad for me. Fuck you for trying to push that "healthy lifestyle" fuckhelmet of fucking fuckitudinally fucked up fuckheadedness upon us. And fuck you for killing jobs and raping your beloved Gaia more than us knuckle dragging meat eaters ever will do.

The Cranfield University study found that switching from British-bred beef and lamb to meat substitutes imported from abroad such as tofu and Quorn would increase the amount of land cultivated, raising the risk of forests being destroyed for fields.

Production methods can be energy intensive and the final products tend to be highly processed, the report, which was commissioned by the environmental group WWF, found.

The researchers concluded: 'A switch from beef and milk to highly refined livestock product analogues such as tofu could actually increase the quantity of arable land needed to supply the UK.'

They also warned that a significant increase in the number of vegetarians in Britain from the current total of 3.7million could cause  the collapse of the country's livestock industry and result in meat production moving to countries with few regulations to protect uncultivated land {since when did weenies care about jobs?-ed}.

Donal Murphy-Bokern, one of the report's authors and a former farming and food science coordinator at the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, told The Times: 'For some people, tofu and other meat substitutes symbolise environmental friendliness but they are not necessarily the badge of merit {and absolution from affluence guilt so many weenies have today-ed}that people claim.




Stupid fucking hippies.

Now, I do not wish to include in my mockery those who are required by health issues to eat a certain diet. But the rest of you vegetarians can go choke on a syphillis soaked sack of senile sausage for all I care

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