March 11, 2010

AGW Freaks Are Scared? Well Tough Shit!

This comment from McGoo over at Soylent Green ultimately led me to this priceless quote from one of the big AGW enablers. as fewer and fewer people buy into their bullshit.

Ecologist Paul Ehrlich at Stanford University in California says that his climate colleagues are at a loss about how to counter the attacks. “Everyone is scared shitless, but they don't know what to do,” he says.

Yeah, well, guess what (UPDATE INCLUDED BELOW)?


Fuck you, you jackfucked fuckface. FUCK YOU. FUUCK YOOUU. Fuck you forever with a glacier wrapped in polar bear splooge. Fuck you for knowing that your findings went against what you wanted to hear, and did the best to fucking "hide the decline". Fuck you for knowingly and willingly using bogus data in order to advance your agenda. And fuck you for the unsolicited prison goatse you have inflicted upon true science and the scientific process becasue of what you have done.

And for what, you treefuckingly skyfucked Gaia diddling dickless douches? Money? An agenda? Ego? Control over my life? Well, fuck you and whatever reasons you had for pulling this shit and leading people into a lesser quality of life becasue of your work.

You are Gaiafuckingdamned right, you better worry, you colon cleansed cockpuncher of climate studies. You better fucking believe that people will be fact checking your muthafucking asses to make sure you aren't trying to pull some funny shit.You better fucking worry that people are no longer going to just swallow your bilge like a sorrority girl at Mardi Gras. And you better fucking worry that people are going to say "molon muthafucking labe" the next fucking time you try to fucking tell us how to live our fucking lives based on your "work". If that scares you shitless, then be fucking scared shitless, pal.

You puny toad fucking puttocks tried to pull one over on us with your research. You fucking tried to use your research and dirty tricks to force us to live in misery, all for a fucking fern fucking flea. And you tried to intimidate and cow into silence those with whom you disagreed. So pardon the fuck fuck fuckity fuckingly fucked up fuckfliers of futility if we don't fucking want to listen to you any more and really fucking do not want to cede any authority to you deceitful duckfuckers and the politicians you advise.

So fuck you, climate cocks. Fuck you with your hockey stick graphs. And take your arrogance with you.

 ****UPDATE! Thanks to Froto's advice, here is a video****

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