October 23, 2008

What Can We Do About It?

Obama definitely deserves to be investigated and probably deserves to go to jail. 

Just one problem.  Who is going to send him there?  Really.  Think about it.  Over and over the Republicans in general and the Bush Administration in particular have opted not to pursue legal action against Democrats even though there have been numerous legitimate opportunities.  Their excuse seems to be, "its not worth the trouble."  Its not worth the public backlash and protests and frothing leftist outrage to, I don't know, follow the rules.

Well, I think the Democrats noticed how gunshy the Republicans are after the Clinton investigations backfired because now they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.  They just openly violate the law with explicit media support and nobody calls them on it.

Honestly, are you telling me that, were McCain to have taken $5,000,000 in donations from bogus addresses and names he wouldn't have been murdered by the media and subsequently the FEC?  Obama won't even get fined.

We are about to watch Obama steal this election and nobody is going to call him on it in the interest of keeping the waters calm and the atmosphere friendly.

Fuck that.  Its time to draw the line in the sand.  We can't let the reward for massive, coordinated voter and fundraising fraud be a trip to the white house. 

The million dollar question is:  How do we stop them when our leaders aren't brave enough to press charges? 

Update: I realize I'm not articulating this idea very well so maybe some of the more intelligent out there can put it better.  The idea is that the left is now aware that they can simply break the laws and in an attempt to prevent strife, the right has decided to simply not prosecute even though these violations are becoming EGREGIOUS. 

I think they are afraid that if they crush Obama's election because he's habitually breaking the law they'll be called election stealers and racists even more than they already are.  Is this making sense to anyone because even when I read it, its missing something.

Update 2:  Below the fold...

Okay, I think I figured it out.  Its the double standard of our leadership and why we are in such dire straights. 

The Democratic party has a killer instinct.  This isn't a game to them and it isn't 'just politics' either.  It is the point of their existence and, as such, there are no limits to that which they will do to win. 

Were it McCain that was accepting several million dollars in campaign contributions right now, I guarantee the leadership of congress would already have special investagatory committees formed and by next week McCain would be up on charges.  They'd feign sadness at how it all turned out but really, what were they to do?  He broke the law.  Sorry, hands are tied.

Of course, the right has no such instinct.  Over and over red meat was waved in front of them and they turn away, evidently in some misguided attempt to play fair and keep the moral high ground. 

Fuck that.  We're going to lose our country to a bunch of socialists who evidently have no difficulty violating nearly every election law in existence to get into power.  People that have no problem spending nearly a billion dollars on a campaign and would have no problem spending a trillion on new entitlements as long as you're the right type of recipient.

I mean, you can go to Obama's website and donate money as Adolf Hitler right now!  What the fuck?  It would be hilarious that so many people are giving money under these names except for two things:  This is really happening in a modern presidential election and the only result of these tests will be to put more mony in his pocket.  If you believe these tests will later be used to bring Obama down, you are deluding yourself.

Game's over, guys.  We lose.  We lose because the other side doesn't play by the rules and the refs are on their side. 

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