June 24, 2009

Time To Return A Favor

I don't have a video but if you've been watching CNN you know that the Iranian government has started "beating women until their husbands faint" and "chopping people with axes like animals" and shooting into crowds.

I think it is time for the United States to return the favor the Iranians did us in Iraq.  Certainly we could find a bunch of Iranian hardware in Iraq and return it to the people of Iran.

Also, if anyone living in any oppressive regime can read this, know that the PEOPLE of the United States stand with your attempts at freedom.  If you push hard enough you will eventually find us pushing at your back no matter how feckless our government is.

Update: This is a link at HotAir.  I wish I could find the video they played on CNN.  It was so disturbing they went to commercial immediately.  Still, their top video is some inane bullshit about fucking Jon and Kate.  Fox News is not any better.

Our media is ridiculously useless.

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