August 23, 2008

Time for some Saturday night K-Lo bashing

I should really be doing something more interesting on a Saturday night but, well, here we are.  Here's Kathryn Jean Lopez talking about inspiring politicians:

A born-again Christian woman who sat next to me on the plane from Chicago said the exact same thing to me. Bizarre in one sense — she clearly gets that from Christ, but Obama gives her some added kick.

We really need a pol on our side inspiring people. We're losing that contest.
The problem is that we do have politicians on the GOP side who can inspire people.  You just never hear about them because people like K-Lo only push boring, generic, uninspiring politicians like Mitt Romney. 

I'm also a little creeped out that she thinks we need an "inspiring" politician in the mold of Barack Obama.  That's the last thing I want.  We came close to a Messianic cult of personality with Ron "I see nothing wrong with advertising on Stormfront" Paul.  It's not exactly something I want to recreate.  It's tacky and leads to the type of unhinged apologetics we're seeing out of the Obama supporters.  I know the point she was trying to make, I just think it was a clunky way of saying it. 

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