June 04, 2008

student planned school massacre with adult, plan found out, reported by school and stopped

Thank God this was stopped, and thank God the school made the right decisionThis student wanted to kill more than any other school shooter, from a notebook found in the student's locker,

"I wanna break the current shooting record. I wanna get instant recognition. The only thing that stops me is the fact of being put in jail forever, or having to kill myself, or getting killed by an officer. I could kill anyone without feeling sorry because society sucks!!!" read an entry dated April 18, the day before he was arrested.

The plot was discovered when a guidance councilor was investigating an incident where the student had made a threat.  The councilor decided to do some investigating online, and found where the student had made postings praising the Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine killers.  After this discovery, the school found the notebook with that entry and others, and contacted police.

Police later discovered that the student had been talking to an adult who told the student he was also planning a simultaneous massacre at an unspecified location.  Police obtained a search warrant to search the man's computer and disks, and found a bunch of child porn, and the creepy perv was promptly paid a visit by Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen,


Not really, but the Chris Hansen pic is almost obligatory now for stories with pervs like this guy.  The guy is in jail now and is now facing criminal charges.

Let me just say, the councilor did an excellent job, and should know that they have my utmost respect for doing what was necessary to prevent this.  Many times, councilors and faculty miss the warning signs that students like this give off, or for any number of reasons see the signs but don't investigate to see if there is something more serious going on for any number of reasons.

I want to focus on prevention in this post, because that is the most important and effective way to stop these tragedies from happening, and is often the first place that students, faculty and administrators go wrong.

If you're part of a school faculty, watch for troubled students like this. If you're a student or are a parent of a student, it is imperative that they watch for students that are showing signs of trouble and instability, especially if the troubled student talks about actually engaging in a school shooting.

I know from experience, we had a minor shooting at my high school(no one was killed, but the potential very much existed).  For the record, I was in the upper grades and the shooter was in the lower grades, I didn't know who the student was until after it happened. 

The student that did it told one or two of their friends they were going to do it soon before the attack was carried out.  It didn't go reported.  We were damn lucky that no one was killed, and only one was injured, but the next group of students may not be that lucky. 

If you are a student, you must, must report these things, and if you are a parent of a student, you must get your student to understand that so that these tragedies can be prevented from happening in the first place.

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