September 08, 2008

Once again, underestimate her at your own peril

I can't spend much time talking about this, because my break's about over, but this writer from across the pond has an interesting take on the mayor of the 9000-person town of Wasilly:

Her rise from parent-teacher association to city council gave her a natural political base in her home town of Wasilla. Going on to become mayor was a natural progression. Wasilla's population of 9,000 would be a small town in Britain, and even in most American states.

But Wasilla is the fifth-largest city in Alaska, which meant that Palin was an important player in state politics.

Her husband's status in the Yup'ik Eskimo tribe, of which he is a full, or "enrolled" member, connected her to another influential faction: the large and wealthy (because of their right to oil revenues) native tribes.


As with most poor, distant places that suddenly receive great natural-resource wealth, the first generation of politicians were mesmerised by the magnificence of the crumbs falling from the table. Palin was the first of the next generation to realise that Alaska should have a place at that table.

The writer makes a point that the moose-hunter stuff, while true, serves as a smokescreen to hide a true political talent that causes people to underestimate her.  So while Sarah Palin is building coalitions, other people are saying "oh, she's just a mayor," and she ends up surprising them. 


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