July 19, 2008

Dispatches From The Front

My brother is a Captain over in The Desert. He sent me some photos recently of life over there right now. Here is life on the base.
He said it is so shitty on base, the dust is the least offensive thing there.
I bet in Arabic, that says, "DPUD kicks Ass!"

Funniest thing is, He called on the 4th around 8PM STL Time and could hear the bottle rockets and shit going off back here in the background. He said it was what he heard when he first arrived there every night. Now, it's quiet. Except for when some hajji (the derisive term they use for the locals) has a "workplace accident" in his house.

I guess it must be safe enough for them to wear their standard covers on base. But they still have to have their M-4s (I think) at all times.

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