November 23, 2009

China is waging economic war on us again

Can we please limit our importation of Chinese goods to bullets?  Bullets are supposed to have lead in them, and bullets are supposed to inflict massive damage and kill people. 

The good news is, we get to shell out federal bucks to fix this.  And our snazzy world-traveling president can go to China pretending to try to get some sort of financial recompense for our outlay, get an unearned black belt in kung fu to match his unearned black belt* in taekwondo**, and grin from ear to ear pretending he accomplished something.

*Why is it when I do an image search trying to find a picture of our fearless leader getting his fake belt, I only get pictures of M'Shell and her boobie belt?

**And seriously, did Obama not recognize that his honorary taekwondo black belt when he's only achieved an middling level of mastery is a reflection of his entire political career? 

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