April 14, 2009

Cavemen Should Be Extinct

Since I repeatedly bitched about how retarded the Prop 8 protesters were and how they clearly did harm to their own cause by their fascistic methods, I feel it is only fair to lob a grenade at the other side:

An openly gay state senator has received a death threat.

Public safety officials say Sen. Matt McCoy, a Des Moines Democrat, received the threat by telephone on Monday.

The threat was made as opponents of gay marriage continue to pressure lawmakers to take steps against a ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriages in Iowa.

McCoy confirmed it was a death threat, but declined to talk about details.

Look, we're fighting about whether or not the institution of marriage as currently defined by the laws of the United States should be extended to homosexuals.  That is a fucking long way from debating whether they should be allowed to live.  This dipshit represents exactly the stupidity that I am ashamed to have to associate with on the far right (or left... I guess humanity). 

What confuses me is that this guy and all those guys that make racist jokes at Ace's place always do it in that conspiratorial way like, "come on guys, let's keel those fags, eh?  Eh?  Who's with me?"  to which I always want to respond, "umm... nobody.  Well, almost nobody.  Nobody with an all their teeth, anyway."  Fucktards.

Moron Pundit's final take: "You're all wrong, stupid and taking this too seriously.  Let's just get government out of the marriage business and everybody can be happy." 

Update:  I was going to put this in the comments as a response but I think it merits being in the main post.

As commenters have suggested, I grant that it is possible that the threat was a fake/planted/what have you.  Even as I was writing the post I was thinking that but neglected to discuss that possibility for one very good reason. 

It makes no difference to my main point which is that this issue is completely out of hand.

Completely.   Whether we have a rube threatening a state senator for his stance or threatening all gay people or someone faked a death threat to a senator to make the other side look bad or the senator is lying or the media is lying or any other possibility I've overlooked, the point is valid.  That's some very fucked up shit that is way, way, way, FUCKING WAY more serious  than the issue they are fighting about.

I mean seriously.  This isn't black people with different water fountains.  This isn't slavery.  Its a fucking piece of paper that changes how you do your taxes and who can see you at the hospital (but not fucking REALLY that... I mean honestly... SHOW ME WHERE THIS HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED).  The real life, actual difference between gays being able to get married or not is so trivial that the very idea of threatening someone about it from either side blows my mind.

Sure there may be a "the prinicpal of the thing" element to this but I'm pretty fucking sure violence and hate and threats and name-calling are well beyond the scope of that type of stance. You don't see 2nd Amendment people making maps of anti-gun people's homes or threatening to kill people because, while they are right on the merit of their argument, the argument itself hasn't reached the point that it necessitates such extreme actions*.

What makes it even more stupid is the inevitability of the thing.  Simply look at the demographics and it is very, very clear that gay marriage will be legalized everywhere in America as a matter of course by 2050.  People of my generation and even more so the one following (as a rule) DO.  NOT.  CARE if you are gay or straight or really anything else.  It is a distinction without a difference to us on the merits of a person.  Even generally religious people of my age group are mostly ambivalent about any anti-homosexual activism. 

I know I'm going to get hate mail for that last paragraph but talk to me in 40 years and tell me I was wrong. 

Its just frustrating watching people get so passionate about something so stupid.  From now on I'm calling this issue the Hyperbole Debate. 

* - Yes, gun rights are far, far, far, far more important than marriage but we are a very long way from confiscation no matter how alarming it can feel on any given day. 

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