October 17, 2008

Rush Limbaugh asks a good question

Could polls of registered voters be inaccurate due to all the fraudulent voter registrations ACORN has submitted? 

If firms/media outlets weigh percentages of Dems and Republicans polled based on their registration numbers, this could be possible, right?

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Well, it's 18 days until the 2008 election. Time to start thinking about 2012.

Bobby Jindal is scheduled to speak to a group of Iowa social cons shortly after the 2008 elections.  It's his first trip there.

Kill me now.

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October 16, 2008

Obama campaign polling flying blind? Plus some thoughts on the debate and campaign

Interesting post at RedState.  Admittedly, the piece is based on hearsay, but the gist of this post is that the Obama campaign is nervous about the effect Palin may be having.  They have no idea who she is drawing in, or how many conservatives and others she's bringing back into play, and her presence is a big X factor in their polls that they're having trouble gauging.  We've also heard about leaks of internal polls that show Obama isn't nearly as ahead as the media and pollsters say he is, and who knows if the traditional "Republican poll deficit" is being taken into account in those as well.

One thing is for damn sure, if the media has been using bogus polls to try and boost Obama or demoralize us, and it turns out that we win, the nutroots are gonna lose. their. shit.  They think they've got this thing, and they're gonna be damned ugly (even by their standards) the next morning if they're buying their own bullshit and McCain winning this thing.  Actually, Zombie has an interesting piece that seems to fit in with this dynamic(I'm still reading it), and thinks it's gonna be a big drag on the left.

I was kind of where Ace was on the question of reporting the polls, I thought you had to report them and face the fact that McCain was losing this thing, but not wallow in pessimism like Eeyorepundit.  I think I'm moving toward the Treach camp on the polling question, better to just ignore them and do our thing, I think things are significantly closer than what is being reported. 

At this stage I'm more worried that the endless drumbeat of negativity and propaganda people are getting bombarded with is going to wear them down. That's across the board, from hardcore activists who are pounding the pavement to the squish who doesn't know a fucking thing about anyfuckingthing about the issues, policies or the candidates.  The Moron-in-Chief has noted in the past that when the GOP is in power the media levies a Republican Tax on the economy by talking it down with an endless barrage of economic horror stories.  I don't think this is any different. 

As for the debate itself, I missed the first 30 minutes (late shift...yay) I think McCain did good from what I saw.  As per Ace's view, McCain needed to smack around Obama for his connections with the assorted corrupt subprime kingpins, and explain why Obama's policies would exacerbate the problem and lead to bigger disasters down the road.  He did much better tonight on that score than he has in the past, the Moron-in-Chief doesn't think he did enough.  He could have done better, but he's improved a lot, and he was finally getting under Obama's skin like he needed to.  He's going to have to continue building the case, and chipping away at Obama on a host of other issues.

Unless this issue was in the first 30 minutes that I missed, I didn't see one question about the Second Amendment, and haven't seen it brought up once in debate.  That isn't a mistake, the media is avoiding the Second Amendment issue like the plague.  They're too scared to bring it up because they know it loses elections for them.  McCain and especially Palin and pro-2nd activists need to hammer Obama hard on this issue, especially in pro-2nd swing states.

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No, your aliases don't get extra votes

This story in the New York Post has it all...ACORN shenanigans, crime, and...tranny hookers?

An Ohio man who cast an illegal early ballot after being caught registering to vote several times with ACORN is a longtime scammer who was arrested last year for fraud - as a woman.

The bizarre tale of Darnell Nash - a k a Serina "Sexy Slay" Gibbs - came to light after Cuyahoga County officials accused him of voter fraud and this week turned him/her in to prosecutors.

It turns out Nash, 24, who has a criminal record as a man, is a transsexual escort who claims to make $150 an hour turning tricks as the self-proclaimed "Queen of Cleveland Gender Benders."

S/he was also busted last month for some kind of loan scam that targeted college kids. 

Normally, I'd make some kind of joke here, but this one has me stumped.  I mean, what else can you say about a transsexual Cleveland schemer?

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October 14, 2008

Allah has been in NYC a little bit too long

Must we rehash this again?  It's not censorship when a private organization responds to the wishes of their users.  Nor does it chill First Amendment rights for editors of a political magazine to accept an unsolicited resignation from a writer who's endorsed a candidate diametrically opposed to every policy and agenda said magazine holds dear.

Bottom line: Christopher Buckely never should have been writing for National Review in the first place.  Nepotism is a bad thing, no matter what the source.  Other examples here, here, here and here.

DPUD's thoughts on Buckley's resignation are here.

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October 13, 2008

DOW Makes Sweet Love To Recession Fears

Gives reach around:

The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) ended 936 points higher, after having risen as much as 976 points during the session. The advance was the largest ever during a session on a point basis. The point gain was equal to 11.1%, the fourth best ever day on a percentage basis.

In other news, official Moron Pundit DoomMeterâ„¢ back up to 11.

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October 11, 2008

Good question.

If Palin fired Monegan just to get Wooten fired, why is Wooten still a state trooper?

Via Jim Treacher, who has some more thoughts...

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October 09, 2008

Vladimir Putin Is A Remorseless Judo Machine

Here is the backstory.

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October 08, 2008

WWI Trench Art

If you've never seen WWI trench art, it's interesting.  There's a lot of it floating around, you can find examples of it on auction sites sometimes.  Some of it was just stuff that soldiers would make during their spare time, but others, like this recently uncovered set of sketches, were done for intelligence gathering.

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October 07, 2008

Second Presidential Debate and Moron Chat

Once again here at DPUD and at my site, we'll be hosting a live chat for morons. Debate starts at 8:00pm CDT and I'll load the chat application around 7:00pm CDT.

Add your drinking game keyword suggestions in the comments.


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October 06, 2008

Bishop of Scranton Diocese opposes Hope, Change, Infanticide

The Bishop has asked that the homily be omitted this week and instead, asks his letter addressing the importance of Life be read.  This is causing a stir, though I can't see why, the people bitching know that the church has long called the pro-Life agenda the number one issue.  Here's the broadside,

Being "right" on taxes, education, health care, immigration, and the economy fails to make up for the error of disregarding the value of a human life. Consider this: the finest health and education systems, the fairest immigration laws, and the soundest economy do nothing for the child who never sees the light of day. It is a tragic irony that "pro-choice" candidates have come to support homicide - the gravest injustice a society can tolerate - in the name of "social justice."

Ouch.  But wait, there's more!

While the Church assists the State in the promotion of a just society, its primary concern is to assist men and women in achieving salvation. For this reason, it is incumbent upon bishops to correct Catholics who are in error regarding these matters. Furthermore, public officials who are Catholic and who persist in public support for abortion and other intrinsic evils should not partake in or be admitted to the sacrament of Holy Communion. As I have said before, I will be vigilant on this subject.

If he's gonna make the threat, he'd better mean it. 

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At Least One Person At The Washington Post Halfway Has A Clue

Sebastian Mallaby is one of the Op-Ed clowns at the Post, and his specialty is the Dismal Science of Economics, albeit from a lefty point of view. What makes him at least halfway palatable is that, while liberal, he doesn't embrace full bore Krugmanism. And this column is a prime example.

While it still is a pro-Obama piece, Mallaby does put himself sqaurely at odds with the Chavez types who are attempting to forever discredit de-regulation. And, to me, here is the money quote:

If that doesn't convince you that deregulation is the wrong scapegoat, consider this: The appetite for toxic mortgages was fueled by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the super-regulated housing finance companies. Calomiris calculates that Fannie and Freddie bought more than a third of the $3 trillion in junk mortgages created during the bubble and that they did so because heavy government oversight obliged them to push money toward marginal home purchasers. There's a vigorous argument about whether Calomiris's number is too high. But everyone concedes that Fannie and Freddie poured fuel on the fire to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

So blaming deregulation for the financial mess is misguided. But it is dangerous, too, because one of the big challenges for the next president will be to defend markets against the inevitable backlash that follows this crisis. Even before finance went haywire, the Doha trade negotiations had collapsed; wage stagnation for middle-class Americans had raised legitimate questions about whom the market system served; and the food-price spike had driven many emerging economies to give up on global agricultural markets as a source of food security. Coming on top of all these challenges, the financial turmoil is bound to intensify skepticism about markets. Framing the mess as the product of deregulation will make the backlash nastier.

The next president will have to make some subtle choices. In certain areas, markets need to be reformed -- by pushing murky "over-the-counter" trades between banks onto transparent exchanges, for example. In other areas, government needs to fix itself -- by not subsidizing reckless mortgage lending. But a president who has a mandate only to reregulate will be a boxer with a missing glove. By going along with the market skepticism of his party, Obama may end up winning an election while compromising his presidency.

Damn. And when I agree with Mallaby, I know things are wacky.

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Palin wants to talk about Jeremiah Wright

Just another reason that she's probably more competent than her boss:

I pointed out that Obama surely had a closer connection to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright than to Ayers — and so, I asked, if Ayers is a legitimate issue, what about Reverend Wright?

She didn’t hesitate: “To tell you the truth, Bill, I don’t know why that association isn’t discussed more, because those were appalling things that that pastor had said about our great country, and to have sat in the pews for 20 years and listened to that — with, I don’t know, a sense of condoning it, I guess, because he didn’t get up and leave — to me, that does say something about character. But, you know, I guess that would be a John McCain call on whether he wants to bring that up.”

I guess so. And I guess we’ll soon know McCain’s call on whether he wants to bring Wright up — perhaps at his debate with Obama Tuesday night.

According to the AP, she's already a racist.  She might as well go for it. 

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Oktoberfest Is Winding Down

And here are some of the interesting images.

Here is my favorite:


But the wearing of the Dirndl (traditional women's garb) does come with some rules:

We aim to prove that a tradition can be resumed with a lot of fun and sex appeal, by continuing to wear a DIRNDL or LEATHER PANTS (both traditional Bavarian dresses).

By wearing a Dirndl each woman's figure becomes sexy. The Dirndl is a perfect shaper for a woman’s body: The boobs are pushed up, the waist and the cleavage are emphasized. The female body zones (belly, legs, booty) can be concealed if necessary by wearing the apron and/ or the skirt.

"If necessary". Heh.

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October 04, 2008


About damn time!

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October 03, 2008

Another Successful Soviet* Occupation Begins

About exactly as you'd expect:

Seven Russian soldiers have been killed and eight others have been injured when a car bomb exploded in the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia.

The explosion is refuelling tensions between Russia and Georgia, which less than two months ago went to war over the rebel republic.

The blast occurred near the Russian military headquarters in the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali.

The Russian Defence Ministry says the explosives were in a car that had been impounded for inspection.

The force of the blast blew out windows up to 400 metres away.

The Interfax news agency says the Defence Ministry has called the explosion a carefully planned terrorist attack aimed at thwarting the peace plan implemented after Russia's conflict with Georgia in August.

South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity has been quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying it was a terrorist act and he has no doubt it was carried out by Georgian Special Services.

Retarded islamodouches take note:  It is legitimate to attack enemy soldiers but evil and less productive to murder civilians you are attempting to manipulate with your terror.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused Ukrainian officials Friday of sending both weapons and military personnel to Georgia.

While Putin did not directly accuse Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko of authorizing the supplies, he said he suspected Ukraine aided Georgia during the recent military engagement between the two countries, Sky News said.

Putin made the comments while meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and commented afterward that such supply efforts are a "crime."

"When people and military systems are used to kill Russian soldiers, it's a crime," Putin said.

Umm...  cry me a river you KGB cockswallow.  Sadly, the Ukranian Prime Minister is bowing under the pressure:

Tymoshenko assured Putin that his allegations would be investigated by a parliamentary panel and called for peace in the region, Sky News reported.

"We have seen a very difficult development in Georgia," she told her Russian counterpart. "We would like to see a peaceful settlement of the conflict."

Yeah, the Soviet Union wants to see a peaceful solution to their little satellite problem, too.  The peace of the grave.

I suspect there will effectively be no nation of Urkaine within the next 5 years.  The Soviets stabbed and the West blinked.  Don't think they didn't notice.

* - I'm done using the enemy's euphamism.  I'm calling a commie pinko fuck** a commie pinko fuck from now on.

** - Yes, I'm aware that he's more a thugocrat than a man with an ideology but I feel like using words based on his former life and lets be honest, the commie pinko fucks that ran the Soviet Union weren't exactly ideological purists.  He just doesn't pretend as much.


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October 01, 2008

Once again, tomorrow's news tonight


Experts agree that he has spent 35 years in Washington and is, therefore, smarter. 

This all raises concerns about McCain's judgment. 

As Concerned Christians, I'm sure you'll all agree. 

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