April 29, 2010

Always Turn To Meet An Attack

L'audace, l'audace, tojours l'audace.

Never quit.
Never retreat.
Never run from adversity, despair, or trouble.
Always be fearless when trouble comes your way.
Always be the rock upon whom all pin their hopes and wishes for a better tomorrow.
Never equivocate.
Always stand in front of your charges and lead in the same fashion.
Always be willing to sleep coverless, cold, and wet to make sure your charges are warm and dry.
Always give your charges your portions to keep them sustained.
Always shoulder the blame and share the glory.
And never, ever, ever think that you or your cause are insignificant. Never let your fear of failure keep you from taking a risk.
And ALWAYS be bold and never run from a challenge, for the challengers will nopt anticipate a response.

Oh, and tell anything in your way that it better move, or it will get goatfucked so hard, the dried up juices will be squeezed out of it by the asskickingly asskicking boot of asskiciking.

So, be brave. Never quit, and fuck anything that tells you not to try something. Fuck them with a pair of rusty roller skates soaked in liquid hate.

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