April 17, 2010


Irony!, example #1

Irony!, example #2

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April 14, 2010

How the sun changes the climate without changing the climate

Get this - when there's low solar activity, sometimes, it gets colder.  Unfuckingbelievable, right?  I don't see how that could even possibly be possible, so it's a good thing all them climate scientists are there to show me the rational side of things, isn't it.

The UK and continental Europe could be gripped by more frequent cold winters in the future as a result of low solar activity, say researchers.

They identified a link between fewer sunspots and atmospheric conditions that "block" warm, westerly winds reaching Europe during winter months.

But wait!  There's moar awesome science to remind you that, while the sun may be making things colder by its utter and complete lack of cooperation, global warming is still your fault, you mouth-breathing, oil-using, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.  Because, you see, there is no link between the sun and climate change.  Just cold winters.

Scientists have produced further compelling evidence showing that modern-day climate change is not caused by changes in the Sun's activity.

The research contradicts a favoured theory of climate "sceptics", that changes in cosmic rays coming to Earth determine cloudiness and temperature.

The idea is that variations in solar activity affect cosmic ray intensity.

But UK scientists found there has been no significant link between cosmic rays and cloudiness in the last 20 years.

So, um, yeah.  Take that, skeptics; science has managed to prove you right and prove you wrong all in one fell swoop. 

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April 07, 2010

Dear Lindsey Graham

Don't go along with this shit.

That is all.

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March 30, 2010

Yeah, About That NASA Data...

Holy fucking dogshit in the park! Can't these fuckers do anything correctly?

E-mail messages obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that NASA concluded that its own climate findings were inferior to those maintained by both the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) -- the scandalized source of the leaked Climate-gate e-mails -- and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center.

The e-mails from 2007 reveal that when a USA Today reporter asked if NASA's data "was more accurate" than other climate-change data sets, NASA's Dr. Reto A. Ruedy replied with an unequivocal no. He said "the National Climatic Data Center's procedure of only using the best stations is more accurate," admitting that some of his own procedures led to less accurate readings.

"My recommendation to you is to continue using NCDC's data for the U.S. means and [East Anglia] data for the global means {yikes!-ed}," Ruedy told the reporter.

"NASA's temperature data is worse than the Climate-gate temperature data. According to NASA," wrote Christopher Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute who uncovered the e-mails. Horner is skeptical of NCDC's data as well, stating plainly: "Three out of the four temperature data sets stink."

And these are the folks who we are supposed to trust when it comes to global warming?

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Just Remember: It's All About The Polar Bears

Fuck you, Greenies. Fuck you and your totalitarian leanings. And fuck you for using lies and bogus data to defend and justify your views.

“I don’t think we’re yet evolved to the point where we’re clever enough to handle a complex a situation as climate change,” {yeah. Because the planet will kick our asses every time. That's just the way it is-ed} said Lovelock in his first in-depth interview since the theft of the UEA emails last November. “The inertia of humans is so huge that you can’t really do anything meaningful.” {yeah, like curing polio, a man on the moon, artificial limbs, flight, and microwave bacon? Fucking pipedreams-ed}

One of the main obstructions to meaningful action is “modern democracy”, he added. “Even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being {Umm...what about Churchill losing his seat in 1945, during the last days of WWII? What about the 1944 election in the US? What about the elections in 1952, 1968, 1972, 2004?-ed} . I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war {Nazi Death Camps, The Somme, Cold Harbor, Ia Drang Valley, Fallujah? Pfft..Let's worry about a few polar bears and some dodgy data-ed}. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.”

Oh, and how are totalitarian countries handling the environment? Ever see dead forests from the halcyon days of the USSR? What about smog cities in China? What about pollution and waste in Africa and the Middle East?

But no, because the most powerful country on the planet has a system of checks an balances, you want that overturned. And who, pray tell, do you fucking want to run things if you get your way? You? Algore? Fuck that. Fuck it hard.

I will take my chances with a free society, thank you very much. And you can get fucked along the way out.

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March 23, 2010

They're Baaaccckkkk!

Yup. The AGW crowd keeps coming back.

Fuck you, greenies. Fuck you with a rusty waffle iron. Fuck you for worrying about stupid shit like this as a justification for whatever fistfuckingly fucked up future you want to force upon us. Fuck you for using bogus facts as a justification for your unsolicited prison goatse of a plan. And fuck you just because I fucking hate hippies.

And just for the left, please allow me to extend to you what I think of you right now:

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March 15, 2010

Every little bit counts

This is hardly a huge victory against the Global Warmerists, but I think it's a sign that Climategate has had an impact:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the adverts – which were based on the children's poems Jack and Jill and Rub-A-Dub-Dub – made exaggerated claims about the threat to Britain from global warming.

In definitely asserting that climate change would cause flooding and drought the adverts went beyond mainstream scientific consensus, the watchdog said.

It noted that predictions about the potential global impact of global warming made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) "involved uncertainties" that the adverts failed to reflect.


The article states that the rebuke came in part from public complaints.

I'm far from certain, but it sounds to me like the Climategate scandal has opened the door to stuff like this. I mean, can you imagine something like this happening, say, a couple of years ago?

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March 11, 2010

AGW Freaks Are Scared? Well Tough Shit!

This comment from McGoo over at Soylent Green ultimately led me to this priceless quote from one of the big AGW enablers. as fewer and fewer people buy into their bullshit.

Ecologist Paul Ehrlich at Stanford University in California says that his climate colleagues are at a loss about how to counter the attacks. “Everyone is scared shitless, but they don't know what to do,” he says.

Yeah, well, guess what (UPDATE INCLUDED BELOW)?



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March 10, 2010

Rejoice Greenies! Obama Is Set To Push For Your Agenda!

Man, you goofs are are so screwed now.

And in marginally related Green Goofiness, it appears as though "fucking that chicken" will now have a whole new meaning in Switzerland.

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March 09, 2010

Obama To Hammer Fishermen And The Fishing Industry?

Oh, for fuck's sake.

"Now we see NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the administration planning the future of recreational fishing access in America based on a similar agenda of these same groups and other Big Green anti-use organizations, through an Executive Order by the President. The current U.S. direction with fishing is a direct parallel to what happened in Canada with hunting: The negative economic impacts on hard working American families and small businesses are being ignored.

"In spite of what we hear daily in the press about the President's concern for jobs and the economy and contrary to what he stated in the June order creating this process, we have seen no evidence from NOAA or the task force that recreational fishing and related jobs are receiving any priority."

Consequently, unless anglers speak up and convince their Congressional representatives to stop this bureaucratic freight train, it appears that the task force will issue a final report for "marine spatial planning" by late March, with President Barack Obama then issuing an Executive Order to implement its recommendations — whatever they may be.

Led by NOAA's Jane Lubchenco, the task force has shown no overt dislike of recreational angling, but its indifference to the economic, social and biological value of the sport has been deafening.

Additionally, Lubchenco and others in the administration have close ties to environmental groups who would like nothing better than to ban recreational angling. And evidence suggests that these organizations have been the engine behind the task force since before Obama issued a memo creating it last June.


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March 08, 2010

Dog Bites Man: Soros-funded Green Business Astroturfing

A name like "American Businesses for Clean Energy" trips my BS detector somethin' fierce.  "Clean energy" in reference to current-generation technology is pretty much antithetical to economic growth.

I found out about this organization from a co-blogger from another site who was approached about spreading the word about this wonderful group.  Obviously the green evangelist didn't realize my co-blogger dude does a lot of business with oil companies and makes frequent trips to Alaska. 

First stop is a WhoIs search -- turns out the domain is registered to a group called the Natural Resources Defense Council, which is funded by all the usual lefty suspects such as Soros' Open Society Institute, Ted Turner's foundation, the New York Times Company Foundation, the Heinz Family Foundation, etc.  Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio happen to be on the NRDC board of trustees.

I guess this is where I'd go "gotcha", but as I indicated in the title, this is pretty much a "dog bites man" story. 

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Maybe Writing Emails Is A Bad Thing For Green Goofs.

Wow. It looks as though a Soros group is tied to a bunch of wind initiatives.

The 900 pages of emails, obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Christopher C. Horner, show staff members from the DoE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the EPA developing a response to the report. They also show them coordinating the response with the Center for American Progress, plus the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) — two wind industry lobbyist groups.

What the emails show runs contrary to statements made to Congress by the Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi — the Obama administration response to the Spanish report was in fact instigated at the request of the AWEA. It was then written with the close cooperation of the AWEA, the Center for American Progress, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The emails concentrate on the political implications of the Spanish study — and how to discredit it.

There also appears to have been significant pressure to publish an internal report from the NREL as a DoE report — bypassing the internal review and publication procedures — and to do so quickly.

The emails suggest that wind industry lobbyists and political organizations have significant behind-the-scenes influence on scientific reports from the Obama administration. This contradicts Obama’s insistence that his administration would get the politics out of science. It also calls into question the objectivity and quality of the information they provided to Congress.

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March 06, 2010

Did Phil Jones Perjure Himself?

Look, I have no idea what the UK's perjury laws are, especially in front of Parliament. But whatever they are, Phil Jones may have indeed perjured himself.

Dr. Jones asserted that the weather services of several countries, including Sweden, Canada and Poland, had refused to allow their data to be released, to explain his reluctance to comply with Freedom of Information requests.

This statement is false and misleading in regards to the Swedish data.

All Swedish climate data are available in the public domain. As is demonstrated in the attached correspondence between SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), the UK Met Office and Dr. Jones (the last correspondence dated yesterday March 4), this has been clearly explained to Dr. Jones. What is also clear is that SMHI is reluctant to be connected to data that has undergone “processing” {heh. What's Scandi for "fucking shredding as we fucking speak"?-ed}by the East Anglia research unit.


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March 02, 2010

Dear Phil Jones

Fuck you. Fuck you with Algore's used sweatrags. Fuck your "process". Fuck the scams you have pushed with your fucked up "process". Fuck your arrogance. Fuck the polar bears, carbon credits, Cap & Trade, glaciers, and anything else you or your whoresons of fucking fuckity fuck and luxuriously icegilded mountain goatse have going for you. And just fuck you and your hoy hoy sweep of vanity in general.

You want a "process"? You fucking want to do it right? Why not follow this memo, oh sucker of syrup from the skyfucked treecock of fuck? Or, is the fear of being proven wrong too much for you and your cockringed cabal of climate coddled kleptocracy, who have helped force punitive and burdensome restrictions and penalties on people and businesses because of the shit you pushed?

Fuck you, Phil Jones. Fuck you for what you have done to the world, science, and everything because of your work. Now go away, and fuck off while you are at it.

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March 01, 2010

Violent, Right Wing Teabaggers Go On An Ideologically Fueled Killing Spree

Did I say that? I meant enviro wackos who took Manbearpig's works to heart and were inspired to kill themselves and their children. Thankfully, the baby daughter survived.

But their unnamed daughter cheated death after the bullet from her dad's handgun missed her vital organs.

Paramedics rushed her to hospital covered in blood when police alerted by worried neighbours discovered the massacre three days later.

The youngster is recovering in hospital in the town of Goya in the northern Argentine province of Corrientes, where doctors say she is out of danger.

Her parents said they feared the effects of global warming in a suicide note discovered by police.

Shockingly, this story has not been covered in the American press.

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February 26, 2010

Well, that's a new way to look at it

Apparently, if you have doubts about the validity of the AGW theory, you might as well believe that O.J. Simpson didn't murder anyone.  No, really.

That's what this guy says, anyway. Note that the word "scientist" doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in his bio. Funny, that.

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February 22, 2010

Oh, too bad, so sad

You know, I don't begrudge anybody who makes a shitload of money...as long as they do it in a way that's legit:

The latest blow to those urging action against global warming came last week, when Yvo de Boer said he would step down as United Nations climate chief, two months after 193 countries meeting in Copenhagen failed to reach a binding agreement on curbing greenhouse gases.


The resignation may reduce the possibility that a worldwide market aimed at reducing carbon emissions is within reach, said Trevor Sikorski, an emissions analyst for Barclays Capital in London.

“It’s a sad day for the carbon market, and we’ll be lucky to get somebody with Yvo’s dedication and hard work as a successor,” Sikorski said.

UN carbon credits have fallen 13 percent on the European Climate Exchange in London since the start of the Copenhagen meeting, which was aiming to set limits for emissions after 2012. The NEX index tracking shares of 86 companies involved in clean energy has tumbled 12 percent since the talks.

You know what? I hope you all lose your fucking shirts, you fucking dishonest pirate bastards. And I'll laugh and laugh if you lose your private jets, limousines, and mansions, too.

You bet your money and credibility on a fucking scam, and you lost. It's not a sad day. It's a fucking great day when something like this happens, you fucking wealth-destroying shitheels. And it'll be an even better day if a bunch of you (including that fattest of fat fucking hypocrites, Algore) end up in jail, though I'm not holding my breath.

You. Fucking. Lose. Go to hell, where it's plenty warm.

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February 20, 2010

Tilting at windmills

If you're in PA, I'm sure you're well aware of Fast Eddie Rendell's push for "green" energy in PA and "green jobs", in particular, a big push for windmills.  Of course you're all aware that green power facilities usually require massive subsidies just to get built.  cbullitt notes that Fast Eddie's going around to different cities and pimping Porkulus and green jobs, and the crock it is.  And I'm not totally shitting on windmills as energy sources, there's no doubt that there are places where there's good steady wind, and putting up a windmill is actually a clever way to produce some energy.  But that's not what this is, most of this is feelgood stuff, stealing from Peter to pay Paul, and an excuse to grow government and suppress enterprise, and it'll take a looooong time to even break even on the investment, if you even do break even.  It really is neat technology, but it just has limited application in the broader energy grid.

But I thought I'd note too, right now we're producing a traditional source of energy in PA, and no, it's not coal, though certainly we still have coal mining in the state.  It's been discovered that are major deposits of natural gas in PA, in particular in Northcentral PA.  We've seen a lot of people locally working natural gas extraction, or supporting, supplying or advising, this is energy producers themselves, contractors, subcontractors, and probably consultants too.  The Texas accent is usually a dead giveaway.  In fact, saw a Halliburton (ZOMGTEHEVUL!!!1!1eleventy!1) truck a few days ago.  And let me tell you, if you let these guys set up shop on your property, they compensate you very well, and from what I'm hearing, most, if not all agree to take on costs of environmental damage on your property in their contracts.  There's no doubt that the gas producers probably see something for setting up shop here, but I doubt there seeing what Fast Eddie's windmill producers are seeing.

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February 18, 2010

More than Teddy Kennedy?

So far Global Warmmongering has killed at least 4 people in Australia.

The Aussie PM decided to save Gaia by subsidizing foil insulation in people's houses.
So little known fact, foil insulation can electrocute people.
Well, little known to Aussie PMs.
Electricians formally warned Environment Minister Peter Garrett that metal roof insulation could cost lives months before he banned it.

Oh, so maybe it wasn't little known. Well, now that people are dying and there's an uproar,
Mandatory training starts on Friday - almost a year after the program began, despite a string of warnings that untrained installers were dangerous and reports of homes catching fire because of poorly installed pink batts.

Yay! I mean, it's not his fault. Just because he was warned and stuff.
After all, he's a lefty. His biggest problem is that he cares too much.

What's a few dead installers between friends? Bah. Working class drudges. There's plenty more where they came from. Too many if you ask your average global warmmonger.

Via Tim Blair, who's been covering this for a couple weeks. I've been expecting it to be covered here but nobody's touching it.
I guess all the revelations about global worming "science" has been good for at least one person.

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February 16, 2010

Stop giving up wine for Lent. You're Killing The Planet™!

Are you wondering what to give up for Lent?  Actually, I rather hope you're not wondering what to give up for Lent.  You should know that by now.  But, in case you're way behind in deciding what to cut back on this year, the Catholic Church in the UK has a great suggestion for you:

Carbon fasting!  (Typing that phrase was literally, actually painful.  Part of my brain may have actually ceased to function.)


The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, and the Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, are among those calling for a carbon fast for Lent -- a period ahead of Easter which Christians traditionally consider a time of penance and reflection -- which begins on Wednesday.

As well as spending a day without using technology such as mobile phones or iPods, the 46 daily suggestions also include eating by candlelight, cutting meat and vegetables thinner so they cook faster and flushing the toilet less often.

"Instead of giving up chocolate for Lent, why not fast for justice ... to help those suffering from the effects of climate change," said Jones.

So, uh, don't flush the toilet for Jesus!  Or something.

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