November 06, 2008

New Republican Leadership Who Can Lead

Changes in GOP leadership are coming. Rep. Roy Blunt is stepping down as minority whip. Rep. Adam Putnam is stepping down as House Republican Conference Chair. Rep. John Boehner is expected to go unchallenged for his minority leader post.

Rep. Mike Pence is being considered for Putnam's position and Rep. Eric Cantor is the likely replacement for Blunt.

I have for a long while been wondering who the faces of conservatism are in the House and Senate. Who among them could lead us, unite us and convince America that our party is different than what the liberals offer? Who could provide the momentum necessary to gain seats back in both chambers? Who can put together a Contract with America Part II? Who can simplify the message?

It's difficult to come up with one shining star.  Mike Pence and Eric Cantor are the two that come to my mind immediately on the House side.  Perhaps John Culberson, Marsha Blackburn and Jeff Flake as well.

On the Senate side, I thought of three people immediately. Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Jim DeMint.

Yes, I can think of areas of disagreement with several of these mentioned. We aren't going to always agree with every bill, every vote and every stance.  But are they leaders? Can they inspire others to follow? Can they articulate the message to our country? Can they lead by example, without wavering and without corruption? Can they unify?

So I am now seeking your thoughts and opinions about this. Some serious dialogue for our moron blog to get us motivated after our losses. I have a lot of stuff kicking around between my two redneck braincells and I think hashing it out here in the comments is as good a place to start as any, to narrow down what we really need.

Who do you think within the halls of Congress can inspire a conservative revolution that will make us proud to carry the R behind our names again? And what criteria would you measure them by? Opposition to the bail-out? Opposition to amnesty? Energy policy? Victory in the war? Opposition to the stimulus package?

We have lacked true Republican leadership in our country for some time now. Let's decide who should speak for us. Let's start deciding right here and right now which Republicans are truly leaders.

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