May 29, 2008

sarah palin to be vp?

Hmm, this is interestingI like Palin, and she gets big kudos for being a Republican with a spine, an endangered species these days.  Yeah, choosing her weakens McCain's inexperience argument against Obama a bit, and there is a limit to how much she'll do in terms of bringing a state, but I agree with Allah, McCain needs a fresh face to go with his run, some counter to the "stodgy ol' whitey party" narrative, and someone who isn't going to piss off a lot of conservatives.  Palin would be a decent choice.

Besides, she'd fit in well here in Pennsylvania,

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May 06, 2008

up the down ticket

Since most of us think McCain sucks, we ought to compile a list of decent candidates to support, I've gone over some of these candidates before, but we could use a refresher and some additions to the list.  If you have any candidates who are good conservatives in need of support, drop a comment and let us know. 

So, I've got four names off the top of my head, I'll have to look into the archives to find some more, I'm from PA, so three of them are in PA, and one from MD, but if you've got some more, that'd be great.

Lou Barletta, in District 11, in Northeast PA.  You may remember Barletta as the mayor of Hazleton, PA.  Hazleton was one of the first cities to impose tough sanctions and enforcement on illegal immigration and businesses who hired them.  Hazleton did and continues to do the job the federal government refuses to do because of Barletta.  He won reelection in a landslide, a testament to popular support of his performance.  And you have to love a Republican who will take a piss on McCain's shoes for his Amnesty policy.  I bet that has the PA GOP gnashing their teeth.

Chris Hackett, in District 10, in Northcentral PA.  Hackett was a businessman before jumping into politics.  Unlike his primary opponent, Hackett was opposed to pork, and is focusing his campaign on the obscene amount of wasteful spending coming out of DC.  The GOP lost D10 in 2006 to scandal, but is a solidly conservative district, and we should be able to reclaim it. 

Glenn Thompson, District 5, Central PA.  Glenn faced a tough field in the primary, with several very wealthy businessmen who put a ton of cash into ads and campaigning.  In particular, a somewhat ham-handed and sleazy guy named Matt Shaner.  Glenn had the least funding and was the most low-key of those running, but still won.  Joe at Alabama in Between favored Thompson over the other candidates, and I trust his judgment.  Thompson should be able to take the seat from what I've seen Joe report, his opponent is a dunce, I guess, but he'd be a good candidate to support too.

Andy Harris, in District 1, Maryland.  Harris defeated the sitting Congressman in the Primary, who was a total RINO of the Lincoln Chafee mold.  Unfortunately for Harris, he now has to face the Democrat who now has at least one of the RINOs top campaign workers working against him now too.  Conservatives are always told to shut up, sit down, eat the turd sandwich and like it, RINOs refuse to do it and go Vichy.  Let's make them eat one here.

Toni Gilhooley, District 17, PA.  Conservative Belle suggested her, and I think she'd be a big improvement over Democrat Tim Holden.  PA might be a good place to look at for downticket moves this year, Obama is not gonna do well here, and there are a few seats that Blue Dogs and pro-2nd or pro-life Dems have taken in earlier elections, but with the potential for a weak presidential candidate performance here, maybe we can ride that wave.

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