May 30, 2009

Meet the newest member of the Republican party.

Tila Tequila.  Seriously

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May 26, 2009

Darth Cheney Definitely Is Inside The Deciders' OODA Loop

I mean, I know that once he steps into a room, the temperature may drop ten degrees, and he has a unique talent with cougars, but can he really be this awesome?

JEANNE CUMMINGS {generic Beltway MSM Hack}: I think that the country actually suffered a setback this week. This debate was supposed to be about edifying the reasons why the Bush White House had its policies and Obama has their own policy, but if the presumption is Guantanamo was going to be closed either Bush, McCain, or Obama, it just got much more difficult this week because the Vice President made it political. He went on shows saying basically “I don't want to be the member of the House who sees terrorists brought to a jail in my district.” And that changed this debate in a way that has made it much, much harder to close Guantanamo, which the President is already committed to doing.


CUMMINGS: Cheney really did damage to the effort to keep our country secure by turning this into a political issue. We were going to have to deal with this and to make it a political issue is not helpful. It's just not.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER {second in line in the Awesome Olympics behind the Dark Lord}: Cheney is the one who turned it into a political issue? I thought it was a 90-6 vote in the Senate. Just about every Democrat in the Senate-

CUMMINGS: No, Cheney started making political arguments a week ago. That is when you did start to see the tide turn up on Capitol Hill. It was after Cheney started to talk about “I don't want to be the member who says I brought a terrorist to a jail in my district.”

KRAUTHAMMER: Oh, so Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, says he that will not allow any terrorist out of Gitmo onto American streets or even in American jails -- it's because he had heard it from Cheney and was hypnotized into believing it?

CUMMINGS: Not hypnotized. Cheney hit a nerve. There's no doubt about it, it's a good political argument. It's a strong one.

Well, duh, sweetheart. After all of these years, do you not know with whom you are tangling when you invoke the Dark Lord's name? Let me refresh your memory.

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May 21, 2009

Hopenchange vs. Darth Cheney: Guess who wins

"How many other people are able to put a sitting President so on the defensive that he has to schedule a major speech to rebut him?"

Not many, and here's a hint: David Frum ain't one of 'em.

But hey, if you like stupid chicks, I'm sure Meghan McCain is somewhere in the country looking to be consoled.

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May 11, 2009

I hereby nobly volunteer myself

Since I think we can all agree that Steele's tenure as RNC chair has been, how to put this, less than fabulously successful, I hereby nobly volunteer to take over.  You're welcome. 

Here is my list of the Top Ten Ways in Which Alex Will Be Better As RNC Chair:

1.  100% more likelihood of girl on girl action
2.  Way, way, way better shoes
3.  Nearly a 1:1 probability of making Chris Matthews cry on air
4.  The chance to hear the phrase "Swilling Val-U-Rite and killing hobos" on one of the Sunday talkshows
5.  All proper respect will be shown to Darth Cheney and Bolton's Mustache
6.  Actual conservative ideas will be articulated
7.  Chance to see a chart of the deficits and the RNC Chair saying "Dude.  Seriously.  Dude."
8.  High probability of Olbermann's head going all Scanners
9.  Will respect the Eleventh Commandment in public
10. Strong probability of showing up on This Week wearing a Zombie Reagan shirt.

I think my case speaks for itself.

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May 03, 2009

I don't see Sasha and Malia going this route

Former US Representative Bob Schaffer has raised his kids right - both of his twin daughters are entering the military.

Bob Schaeffer, who lives in Fort Collins, Colo., said the commencement was the second day in a row of celebration for his daughter, Jennifer Schaeffer.

“She was commissioned yesterday as a second lieutenant in the Army,” Schaeffer said of Jennifer, an ROTC student majoring in finance who graduated magna cum laude.

Bob Schaeffer said Jennifer’s twin sister, Emily, just graduated from the Air Force Academy. He added that Emily won’t be commissioned until the end of the month — making one twin the other’s ranking superior for about three weeks.

“So Emily was being reminded of that by Jennifer all day yesterday,” the proud dad said with a laugh.

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May 01, 2009

Dig deep, Senator Specter

Remember when Senator Specter said he would refund all campaign contributions from Republican donors? Guess what. Looks like the GOP has the nerve to ask for their refunds!

Sen. Johnny Isakson didn't waste any time putting himself at the front of the refund line. The Georgia Republican asked Mr. Specter for a return of his leadership political action committee's $5,000 contribution Tuesday on the Senate floor - just hours after Mr. Specter announced he was changing his political stripes.
Not only are four other senators asking for refunds, but the chairman of the PA GOP has requested that Specter give all GOP donations back voluntarily, not just upon request. And he thinks Specter should apologize for misleading Republicans.

Do you think these folks are a little bit steamed over this? Heh.

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