April 15, 2010

Whereby I Wear My Teabagger Pin With Pride

And to anybody who wishes to mock me, let me address the following to you.

*eats whole box of bacon covered donuts*
*washes it down with gallon of whiskey*
*sniffs own flatulence*
*throws last bit of cigar at leftist douchebag*:

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April 13, 2010

Can we clone him?

I'm surprised too, but it looks like Chris Christie, the Republican governor from Jersey of all friggin' places, is gonna be the Republican to demonstrate some backbone.  Granted, he's not exactly asking for anything major, but then in a Soviet state like Jersey, asking for anything other than massive spending increases and crushing tax hikes is pretty fucking radical.  If Chris Christie is willing to stand this solid on sane fiscal policy in Jersey, GOPers in Congress have absolutely no excuse for not resisting or rolling back insane spending and tax hikes, none.

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April 11, 2010

Filthy, Racist, White Trash Teabaggers Doing Something Or Other


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April 10, 2010

Mike Pence: 'Nuff Said!

I love the man in a platonic way and want to bear his children.

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April 07, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due

As critical as I am of the various arms of the GOP clusterfuck machine, this one is pretty good.

Dear Congressional Staff,

We know you’ve worked hard the last few months answering phone calls, replying to emails, and meeting with constituents who didn’t want a government takeover of health care.

But thanks to your boss, they got one.

Your boss may have even gotten the shady backroom deal he/she wanted in exchange for his/her flip-flop. But what did you – the staffers who toiled for countless hours listening to the Americans that Democrats ignored – receive? Nothing.

So we at the NRCC thought we’d send you something small in recognition of all your hard work: a comfortable, stylish t-shirt commemorating your boss’ vote to raise taxes, cut Medicare for seniors, and destroy American jobs. Wear it with pride!


Your Friends at the NRCC

P.S. We reserved this batch of t-shirts for staffers like you: the ones who, like us and the rest of America, won’t get to keep their health care plans. You didn’t get to write yourself an escape clause from the jobs-killing bill your boss supported, but you sure will look great while out on the town. We hope you enjoy it!


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April 03, 2010

"You Picked A Fine Time To Lead Us, Barack"


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