September 16, 2010

Slatecard is back!

You can build a list of conservative candidates you like, or utilize Slatecard to donate to said candidates.  Nice way to go over the heads of the GOP leadership.

Thanks to John Hawkins for sending that.

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September 09, 2010

John Bolton's Mustache: Fuck yeah I'm thinking about running

Sweet, I so hope Bolton or his mustache run for president.  If John Bolton's Mustache were to run and win, it'd be the first Mustache-American to hold the office, and if John Bolton himself ran and won, he'd be the first president since William Taft to have facial hair.

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September 03, 2010

Ron Johnson Wisconsin

I just passed a new billboard on I-94 going into Milwaukee put up by the Johnson campaign.  It primary thrust is tying Feingold to his buddy Obama.

To emphasize, the Republican candidate has determined that the most effective way to hurt his opponent is to tie him to the Light Worker.  In Wisconsin.

Oh yes, I can taste the sweet sweet pudding already.  And by 'taste' I mean "feel my testicles covered in ."

Also, I do what the FUCK I WANT with prepositions. 

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