June 14, 2008

House GOP way behind their fundraising goals

Anyone surprised by this?  No?  Okay, good, we'll move on.  How short is the House GOP on their fundraising goals?  Try less than halfway to their goal,

Most recent figures show that GOP lawmakers have brought $27 million into the coffers of the National Republican Congressional Committee in the past 17 months, far short of the target of about $58 million. Compounding the challenge, they will soon be asked to raise another $20 million or more to help candidates in selected battleground districts.

The article notes that many House GOPers are way behind in their contributions to the NRCC as well.  We all know this is precisely what happens when you have no base, no foundation, the money situation quickly becomes dire.  The House GOP and the Senate GOP would be wise to at least put forth a solid effort to open up ANWR, the coasts and inland for drilling and petroleum extraction, and to allow new refineries to be produced, and use that to recover a bit.  They're in a brutal election year if they think they're gonna ride McCain's coattails to safety successfully.  They're much better off taking their own path, even at the risk of embarrassing or doing political damage to McCain.

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