September 24, 2008

McCain Vinty, you ignorant slut

Now with top-of-the-post update: All right, I relent.  It's an okay idea.  I will agree with it just because Harry Reid doesn't want McCain in DC.

As much as I love populism (groan), this is absolutely stupid:

John McCain announced Wednesday he is suspending his campaign tomorrow and returning to Washington to work on the economic crisis, and called on opponent Barack Obama to join him.

He also called on the Commission on Presidential Debates to postpone the first faceoff until Congress addressed the crisis.

“Tomorrow morning, I will suspend my campaign and return to Washington after speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative. I have spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of my decision and have asked him to join me,” he said in New York, according to a transcript of the remarks released by his campaign.

“I am calling on the President to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself. It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem,” he said.

And, of course, Barack Obama won't join him, and the McCain campaign will lose valuable campaign time with only a little over a month before the election.  Campaign time that could be used to help beat back their deficit in the polls.  

Meanwhile, my guess is that the media will play this up as a "cynical" way to delay this first debate.  Because Senile Old McCain just can't handle being in the ring with The One.

Update: Allahpundit seems more positive than me about this move.  Welcome to Bizarro World.  And guess what, Obama isn't playing along.  Gee, who would have guessed?

Update (again): Well, it seems like everyone thinks this is a good idea except me.  I hope they're right.

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September 18, 2008

What the hell is wrong with the PA GOP?

Really guys?  You're gonna sit there and bitch about what people are wearing to polling places?  What the hell is wrong with you people?  Seriously?  You've got much larger things to worry about.  I've seen like two or three McCain or McCain/Palin signs up in town, I'm guessing the people found/bought their own and put them up on their own.  The place should be filthy with signs, city I'm in is exactly the kind of place McCain needs high turnout to flip this state in his favor.

I haven't seen or heard you people do anything, and I know there's concerns in other places that you aren't doing jack shit, either.  Are you doing anything for Hackett and Barletta even?  Seriously, what the hell is going on with the PA GOP?


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September 15, 2008

McCain, step away from this Gang of Ten nonsense if you want to win

...or not, as Ace says, we'll let you sink, along with all the sellouts who are supporting this.  We're loyal to Gov. Palin, not you, Senator.

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September 12, 2008

Rectal ExAmnesty.

Against the wishes of a vast majority of Americans, the McCain campaign seems hell-bent on competeing with the Obama compaign on who can be more wrong about immigration.

Bend over, America, you're getting amnesty no matter how you vote.

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September 03, 2008

David Frum is a twat

We knew that already, but any excuse to remind people.  Anyway, Patterico finds Frum blaming his errors in one of his Palin bashing articles on his copy editor.  I so wish I had a copy editor to assign blame to when I get shit wrong, that would be so awesome.

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