April 30, 2009

Is the NRSC this fucking stupid?

Are they really thinking they're going to torpedo Toomey with Ridge?  You know what?  Go for it NRSC, you were already stupid enough to hitch your wagon to Benedict Arlen, why not make it 0-2?  You and the GOP can become the Detroit Lions of American politics. 

Here's why the NRSC and RNC are a bunch of dumb bastards if they pull a stunt like this.  I can see the GOP elite thinking they've got this shit figured out, but they don't.  They think they can win the general with Ridge because he's a RINO's RINO, and PA is a bluish state.  But they're wrong, because Toomey would crush Ridge in the primary, no matter how much money they'd throw at the primary campaign.  Outside of the Philly 'burbs, Republicans in PA are fairly conservative (as Carville famously noted), we'll back Toomey and win the primary.  So, not only will the NRSC end up with egg on their faces, yet again, they'll have torpedoed Toomey anyway for general, and do what few thought possible, make conservatives even more pissed off at the GOP elite than they already are.

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April 28, 2009

McCain's poodle yipping about Benedict Arlen's defection

What a tool,

"I don't want to be a member of the Club for Growth,” said Graham. “I want to be a member of a vibrant national Republican party that can attract people from all corners of the country — and we can govern the country from a center-right perspective.”

“As Republicans, we got a problem,” he said.

Yeah, it's the called the GOP leadership.

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Benedict Arlen comes out of the closet

He finally admits what we all knew, he's making it official.  Adios.  He is of course doing this because Toomey would have stomped him in the primary, and he wouldn't make it as an independent, he needs some party infrastructure to save his ass, so this was his last option, or you know, he could have retired with dignity.

BTW, Pat Toomey probably has a clear path to take the primary now, which is good, but even then he's going to need a lot of help if he's going to beat Benedict Arlen or whoever ends up as his opposition.

And of course the dumbass GOP leadership had no fucking clue this was coming.

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April 07, 2009

A little sumpin', sumpin'

Do you think this is a little political payback for Collins and Snowe playing the "Vote for Obama's Reinvestment and Recovery Act" game? Maybe it went down something like this.

Dear Susan and Olympia, my most favorite centrist Republicans in the whole wide world,

       You help me out here on this boondoggle legislation recovery legislation, and I'll take that DDG-1000 program that was on the chopping block and make sure that it stays alive and well in Maine. And as a bonus, I'll even make sure the one ship in the program that was supposed to be built in that icky, Red State of Mississippi gets built in Maine too. What's it gonna be, girls? Yea or Nay?

Non-Sarkozy provoked kisses and stuff,

p.s. - Don't tell Specter about the most favorite centrist Republican thing and I'll see if I can get you an iPod too.

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