October 12, 2010

This Woman Has No Shame

What. The. Fuck? This is the sort of fucking bullshit that we have had to endure for way too fucking long from the RINOs and "betters" who run the RNC and various groups. Those fucking idiots are the ones who constantly shit on much of their base, then tell those of us who aren't fucking party hacks and mouthpieces that we are bad people if we don't just smile and take it (see Mr. Dede from last year). And when they fucking lose? They are the ones going out of their way to undermine the people who had had enough (see every other fucking RINO who has lost and refuses to endorse the primary winner), going so far as to fucking fly lawyers up to Alaska to help one of their own. And she fucking lectures us on "loyalty"? 

Fuck that shit. Fuck it until it turns squishy from overuse. I am fucking sick and fucking tired of the RINOs and "betters". I am fucking sick and fucking tired of them ignoring us. I am sick and fucking tired of them lecturing us and treating us as though we are stupid children. I am sick and fucking tired of them collaborating with the statists and then telling us we need to vote for them. And I am sick and fucking tired of them thinking they can do whatever the fuck they want and think that their elected office is a birthright, and that they can and should do whatever they can to hold onto it, voters be damned.

No, fuckquacks. You all need to get fucking swept out to the sea along with the lefties you enable. Your loyalty is to your office, while my loyalty is to the voters who fucking decide your fate. And the fact you can't fucking take it will only make your defeat and irrelevance even sweeter.

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You. Are. Dead. To. Us.

People like Charlie Crist and Liza Murkoosky are bad enough, but when we've got a sore loser who decides to go whole hog and endorse the leftist program, it's time for a purge.

This douche needs to never see a single dollar from ANY Republican Party organization ever again. If he is invited to speak at any GOP function during the rest of his life, he should be heckled. If he ever runs for office again, his GOTV volunteers should get kicked in the nuts and reminded that they brought it on themselves for supporting a fucking turncoat piece of shit.

I've been a member of the Republican Party since the day I turned 18. I don't know which is scarier...The fact that some people are also members, or the fact that some people are also members.

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October 10, 2010

Why I dislike the tea party in one easy post.

Knock me for being in DC and losing touch with "real people" (whatever that means) all you want, but this is fucking ridiculous.  And why is he the nominee? Because it seems that a lot of tea party types, for whatever reason, think that previous elected service to one's state is some type of unpardonable sin. 

Great job, New York Republicans. Excellent. 

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October 04, 2010

Dear RINOs

Don't expect me to feel sorry for you when this happens to you.

President Obama stars in an ad for the Democratic candidate looking to unseat Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao (R-La.) in next month’s elections.

Obama cut his first election ad for Cedric Richmond, the Democratic candidate looking to reclaim the heavily-Democratic New Orleans seat that had been held by Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) until Cao’s victory in 2008.

“The city of New Orleans has had its trials, but you’ve also had great champions, fighting to see you through the tough times,” Obama says in the ad. “Cedric Richmond is one of those champions.”

The ad is a particularly shrewd maneuver by the president to reclaim the traditionally Democratic seat from Republicans, despite a close relationship Obama seems to have forged with Cao over the last 20 months.

“I love the president, and I believe he truly likes me,” Cao said in early September.

Cao had voted with Obama on several initiatives, including Wall Street reform and healthcare reform on its first vote in the House. (Cao declined to support the final version after restrictions on funding for abortion services were loosened.)

Too fucking bad, fuckgumbo. Fuck you with the fuckdrippings off the megamuffaletta of fuck. You fucking deserve your fate for siding with the opposition on several key votes. You fucking deserve to be abandoned from all sides for what you did. You better the fuck believe that your seat will be one of the few that I am willing to give up, just out of childish spite. And I sure the fuck hope anybody idiotic enough to give you money is ostracized as well.

Seriously, how fucking naive/stupid were you to think that Obama would let your seat stay out of Democrat hands without a fight? It's what they fucking do! It's who they fucking are! And it's in their fucking blood! Yes, I am glad Cold Cash Jefferson is now getting the Cold Corruptocock From The Graybar Motel, but siding with the left on our future is a Rubicon in my book, and you fucking crossed it.

So reap defeat as if it were a hooker passing out STDs on a fuckstick on Bourbon Street, Congressman Cao. You deserve it.

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