May 29, 2008

wheels coming off the straight talk express?

You're kidding!  McCain is in big trouble, the obligatory liberal talking points that go on about how horrible life in America and that's why McCain is losing *Change!* are there, but when you sift through the bullshit, there are some real good questions about the trainwreck that is the Straight Talk Express. 

McCain's campaign has no unifying message, he has no vision or coherent philosophy, and now in the process of gutting his campaign of lobbyists (wonder if Juan Hernandez is among them...doubt it) after a few embarrassing stories, and he has no base support or money.  Where is he going to get money, workers or volunteers? 

The base isn't going to give those to him, and moderates aren't going to give those to him either, and now he's obviously going to be limited in what he gets from lobbyists, considering he's kicked them out of his camp.  Demographics or Obama's Marxist lunacy may save McCain, but if the wheels completely come off the Straight Talk Express, not even that will save him.

Update:  See what I mean?

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May 27, 2008

where the gop went wrong

John Henke, filling in for Megan McArdle at The Atlantic, pretty much explains it with two quotes and gives a shameless plug for The Next Right, which I have very high hopes for.  We small 'l' libertarian, small government and liberty-minded conservatives need to take back control of the GOP, and the sooner the better.

Never a good sign, check out this out, a screencap of the GOP website, where Barack Obama's name is mentioned ten times.  How many mentions for McCain?  Nada.  Any talk of ideas and core principles of the GOP?  Nah, not really.  It is basically a bunch of talking points and swipes at Obama, and that they have nothing but to talk about the other guy is not a good thing. 

The elite of the GOP pretty much stand for nothing, and it shows, Tom Cole on Fox News Sunday rejected forswearing earmarks, but said they've got some token squishy, mildly, vaguely anti-pork legislation, and are waiting to hear from the Democrats before they pursue it.  Are you effing kidding me?  You're waiting for the Democrats to approve it?  And yes, earmarks are a tiny fraction of a giant problem, but they've become a symbolic issue, not unlike the border fence.

They just have nothing left in their arsenal but to fling poo at Obama like a bunch of monkeys, and hope it smells enough to drive him away.  At this point, the same criticism Rush Limbaugh has attacked Democrats for, that "they seek power solely for power's sake" is almost equally as true of the GOP elite.  Not good at all.

(H/T Conservative Belle)

Also of note, sounds like Mitch McConnell's Senate seat may be in trouble.  This kinda makes me think of Tom Foley, the Democrat House Speaker who lost his seat in 1994.  This is a bad sign, or maybe a good sign if you think we need to see this kind of purge of our leadership this fall.

And there is some good news too.  Kleptocrat Don Young of Alaska is vulnerable to a much better candidate, the current Alaska Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

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May 24, 2008

more fun with republican party surveys

Yeah, I can't help but be a smartass when these come up.  And there's a new one...I'm gonna have some fun.

Political Profile

1. Do you identify yourself as a:

a. Conservative Republican
b. Moderate Republican
c. Liberal Republican
d. Independent Voter who leans Republican
e. Disaffected Conservative Republican who is very close to being a Conservative Independent

2. Do you traditionally vote in all elections

a. Yes
b. No

3. Did you cast a vote in the following elections (Yes, No or Unsure were the choices for each)

a. 2004 Presidential Contest 
b. 2006 Mid-Term Election  X

4. What age category applies to you

a. 18-29
b. 30-44
c. 45-59
d. 60+

5. How close do you think your views are to others in your community

a. Very Close
b. Not Very Close
c. Somewhat Close
d. No Opinion

6. From what media sources do you regularly receive your political news (You can choose more than one)

b. Internet Blogs
c. Friends
d. Fox News
e. Local Newspaper
f. News Websites
h. Radio
i. Other__________
j. National Magazines
k. Candidate Websites

General Issues

1. Do you think things are generally going in the right direction in this country or do you think things have gotten off on the wrong track.

a. Right Track
b. Wrong Track 
X   Gotten?  Try been.
c. No opinion

2. Please indicate the top 3 issues that you believe are most important to the people in your area

a. War in Iraq
b. Energy
c. Federal Spending
d. War on Terror 
e. Health Care
f. Foreign Affairs
g. Taxes
h. Economy 
i. Social Security   X  Lot of old people in PA, it can't be helped
j. Immigration
k. Environment
l. Protecting Traditional Values
X  I'm assuming Second Amendment is part of this.
m. Strong Military
n. Other__________

3. Which political party do you think is best able to handle each of the following issues (Republican, Democratic or Undecided or Neither are the choices for each)

a. War in Iraq
b. War on Terror  Republicans
c. Taxes 
Republicans.  Except McCain, he can suck it for screwing up the Bush tax cuts.
d. Health Care 
Republicans, barely and in spite of themselves.  I'm looking at you Bush, Mr. gigantic prescription drug plan to buy old people votes that failed miserably!
e. Federal Spending
Neither, they both suck the barbed cock of Satan equally on spending
f. Social Security 
Neither, because the GOP is too pussy to even try to partially privatize, offer an opt-out or reform Social Security
g. National Defense
Republicans, in spite of their refusal to make efforts to step up immigration enforcement and border security, despite the fact that part of the reason the 9/11 hijackers were able to succeed was because they could violate immigration law with impunity
h. Foreign Policy 
i. Environment  Neither, because both are pimping retarded "green" money sinks like ethanol and fucking windmills that just end up costing people a mint.  We should be building nuclear reactors and deregulating to free up businesses to invest in modernizing and becoming more efficient
j. Economy  Neither, neither party knows what the fuck it's doing with regards to the economy
k. Immigration 
Neither, and don't even get me started
l. Energy 
Neither, build the nuclear reactors already, Goddammit!
m. Education 
Neither, because they're both the same, the GOP let Ted Kennedy write their biggest legislation
n. Protecting Traditional Values 
Neither, with the possible exception of gun rights for the GOP, but that's because gunowners and Second Amendment advocates do the smart thing and don't compromise their values, even the Democrats are half scared to step to them now for fear of having their asses handed to them during the next election cycle.

4. How much does it concern you that the Democrats will have total control of the federal government if they win the White House and keep control of Congress in 2008

a. Very much
b. Not too much
Really, at this stage, I'm almost beyond caring, if we're going down the Marxist path, let it come in one swift blow than by a thousand small, agonizing cuts.
c. Not a concern
d. Undecided

Domestic Issues

1. How confident do you feel that America's economy will improve in the next six months

a. Strongly confident
b. Not too confident
c. Somewhat confident
Who knows, anything can happen in the short term, the market has good times and bad, I'm more worried about the incompetence of the federal government finally getting the better of our economy in the long term.  The American economy is a truly wondrous thing,  amazingly powerful in spite of everything the government has done to drain it of its strength through irresponsible governing, acting as a malevolent parasite or actively trying to destroy it.
e. Not confident at all
f. No opinion

2. Which of the following factors do you feel is most adversely effecting the economy in your area

a. Burdensome Taxes
b. Severe Government Regulation 

c. Unstable Real Estate Market
d. Growth of Government Spending
e. Threat of Terrorism
f. Unpredictable Fluctuating Fuel Prices
g. Other 
PA, typical Rust Belt state, too unionized, too regulated, too taxed.

3. Which of the following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your family

a. Health Care Costs
b. Price of Fuel
c. Inflation / Rising Prices Overall
d. High Taxes
e. Other__________
The coming bankruptcy of the US because of mindless spending, regulations and socialist policies by our government and our leaders.

4. Would you like Congress to pass additional tax cuts to further stimulate our nations economy

a. Yes
and I'd like that effort to not be sabotaged by people theoretically on our own side
b. No
c. Undecided

5. Are you comfortable with our current level of government spending

a. Current spending levels are OK
b. Spending should be decreased 

c. Undecided
d. Fuck no, decrease spending now, dumbasses!

6. Do you think all Americans should have some form of health insurance even if it requires the federal government to underwrite some of the costs

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided
d.  Free up the market, lower taxes and reduce regulation, welcome immigrants with medical backgrounds, and let charities do the rest.  Liberals should be first in line to start building and donating to those charitable trusts for the uninsured, since they care so much.

Is this a loaded question?  Sounds to me like it.  Yes meaning go along with a socialized medicine plan, but try and make it more of a squishy Romneycare thing as opposed to a Stalinist Hillarycare plan.  No means he's a meeeean ol' wingnut who wants children to go without care and die in the streets.  Undecided means hurrrr, I'ma go lick this window now. 

7. How do you think Congress should best address the looming Social Security crisis

a. Raise the retirement age for today's workers
b. Eliminate the current Social Security tax cap
c. Offer younger workers the option to put part of their Social Security tax into a personal account
d. Other__________ 
Privatize the whole fucking mess.

8. Do you believe global warming is an issue that must be dealt with immediately

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided
d. Global warming is a lie put together by Marxists, luddites and envirowhackos to convince Americans to reduce their expectations for American success, and to impose more fascist controls on our economy, and should be dismissed out of hand, unless it works as a handy excuse to build more nuclear reactors and upgrade our energy grid.

9. How much of an impact is the rising cost of fuel, caused by our government's refusal to allow more refining capacity, drilling and exploration having on you and your family

a. Major Impact
b. Medium Impact
c. Minimal Impact

10. Using the number 1 thru 5 (with 1 being the highest priority) please indicate the policies you support most to address how the US should meet future energy needs

a. Increase drilling in Alaska's ANWR 
Fuck your one to five system, this one goes to 11
b. Greater investment in Wind/Solar power
Since I've already thrown out their system, fucking zero
c. More funds for alternative energy research Joe in comments made a good point, we ought to be researching alternative energy, just none of the half-baked hippie crap, we want fucking fusion!  And with that, I humbly replace my Zero with an 11, but on the condition it all goes to fusion research or something that might actually work, not hippie windmills and solar panels, unless they're on a space based energy collection station or something badass like that...

d. Tap previously unrecoverable oil
e. Build new oil refineries in the US 
f. Build new nuclear plants in the US
g. Other__________

11. Do you believe that congress must reform the current parctice of earmarking or "pork barrel spending" that adds billions of dollars to appropriations bills

a. Yes  
If by yes, you mean tarring and feathering any Republican caught earmarking
b. No
c. Undecided

12. Do you support increased funding for securing our borders

a. Yes
I support actual efforts to secure the borders even more.
b. No
c. Undecided

14. Are you in favor of establishing a guest worker program that will allow people to enter the US temporarily to fill jobs that Americans do not take

a. Yes 
To guest workers and legal immigration, never to amnesty.
b. No
c. Undecided

15. Do you think being strong on the issue of illegal immigration and trying to bring it under control helps or hurts the Republican Party when it comes to winning elections in your area.

a. Helps the party
b. Hurts the party
c. Undecided

 What does "bring it under control" mean? That is so purposely vague, nice try suckers.

16. Do you believe the Republican Party should continue to embrace social issues

a. Yes
b. No
c. Undecided 

Are we talking Nanny State Morality policing, or efforts to prevent the left from destroying traditional society with it's brand of Nanny State badness?

If yes please register your opinion on the following issues (1 = support, 2 = Oppose, 3= No Opinion)

a. School Prayer
  Privatize schools or allow vouchers, problem solves itself.
b. Faith Based Initiatives 
No, absolutely a bad idea, get government out of the churches and synagogues, cut taxes so individuals may make the contributions they wish to make
c. Ban Burning of the Flag  
  As much as it aggravates me when some hippie douchebag torches Old Glory, it would aggravate me more to bar that kind of expression.
d. Ban All Abortions 
*sigh* I'm fairly pro-life, but this is a loaded question or demagoguery, even the Catholic Church allows for a few extreme emergency cases for terminating a pregnancy.
e. Ban Human Cloning 
Okay, this one you have me on board with, the last thing we need is a bunch of cloned trustafarians, hipsters and hippies walking around...
f. Prohibit Homosexual Marriage
How about government getting out of the marriage game altogether? 
g. Other__________ 
How about keeping the Nanny State at bay?  Keep them away from our guns, booze, tobacco, businesses, food, cars, churches, organizations, entertainment and bedrooms

National Defense

1. Do you support fighting the terrorists in Iraq to ensure that the War on Terror does not come to US shores

a. Yes
but I think immigration enforcement and border security are just as important partly for national security reasons.
b. No
c. Undecided

2. As a voter where do you put the status of the War on Terror as a factor in deciding how you will vote in the 2008 elections

a. The war will be a very big factor
b. The war will be somewhat a factor 
Winning the War on Terror is only worthwhile if we can maintain our liberty as we do it.
c. The war will not be a big factor
d. Don't Know

3. Which party do you think has a stronger message to take into the 2008 elections when it comes to the War on Terror

a. The Republican policy of stabilizing Iraq and handing over military duties as the Iraqi government gains strength
b. The Democrat policy of "cut and run" bringing our troops home immediately and leaving Iraq in the hands of terrorists
c. Undecided we go with the talking points, do you want to survey, or do you want to rattle off talking points?  We did this last time too, but I have to say, you did much better than last time in that regard.  Okay, okay, yes teacher, I want the US to win in Iraq...

Well that was fun, wasn't it?  Honestly, even if I was completely content with the GOP's performance, I'd probably still be pretty smartassed in my answering, just because they're usually kinda dumb or try and lead you to the answers they want.   It just so happened that these surveys have been while the GOP has been effing up supremely.

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May 20, 2008

what the hell did huckabee think the reaction was going to be?

Huckabee is whining about the online reaction to his stupid NRA Convention joke.  Obama was forgiving, says Huck, but the reaction online and in media was harsh,

"He [Obama] told me he didn't think it was a big deal, that he knew I didn't mean anything by it and not to worry. He was a class act and gracious. Too bad the people who blew it up on the Internet weren't as classy or calm as he was."

Hey Huck, what the hell did you think was going to happen?  Yeah, unsurprisingly, people who support the Second Amendment and recognize how under siege that cornerstone is were pretty pissed off by your undermining it.  Second Amendment activists face a constantly uphill battle with a government, lobbyists, interest groups and media who actively seek to undermine our essential liberties, every day they walk on eggshells in order to present the best image of gunowners as possible.  And you went to the NRA Convention and undermined them, yeah, they weren't happy, do you blame them? 

And why is Huckabee shocked by this?  Huck has a good legislative and rhetorical record on the Second Amendment(about the only thing I'm willing to give him credit for), he ought to have known this was coming better than anyone else. 

The name Jim Zumbo ring a bell?  With one website entry attacking "assault weapons", the longtime hunting and gun rights advocate, writer and TV star saw himself lose most of his jobs and endorsements in less than a week because of the outcry and threats of boycott, largely online.  And those boycotts work, ask Smith & Wesson, they took a horrid beating financially for selling out to the Clinton administration in 2000.  That's how seriously Second Amendment activists take defending our rights,  Huckabee knew that or should have known that.  He shouldn't have been surprised by the reaction.

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May 16, 2008

mike huckabee: stupidity in perpetuum

Would someone at TBN do the world a favor and give this stupid asshole a television show so we can limit the embarrassments this jackass causes us? Mike Huckabee is a embarrassment.  The NRA ought to throw the worthless fool out of the Convention for this stupid behavior.  This is something I expect to see from a dumb teenager on a forum or X-Box Live, not the NRA Convention.  Thanks for being such a useful idiot for the fascist Nannies at the Brady Campaign and the VPC, you jackass.

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mccain reaches out to lefty bloggers

Here's the thing, while McCain does outreach with liberal bloggers, he's got a pitiful 159 friends on his blog friend list.  Seriously, we've got half of that on the Moronosphere blogroll, and if I applied myself, I bet we could match that number or better.  The difference is, for McCain, this is a national campaign.  Fred Thompson didn't even go far in the primaries and probably had fifty times that. 

It is never a good sign when one candidate's supporters are ready and willing to crawl through a mile of rusty nails and broken glass in order to sell a lung or kidney to harvesters to give their guy a few extra dollars, and the on the other side the candidate can't even break 200 on his friend list.

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May 14, 2008

nah, they don't get it

Ed at Hotair got to listen in on the NRCC conference call after the loss in Mississippi.  I have to say, I'm not really encouraged by it.  I can't tell if they really get why they aren't getting funds and support and losing elections, or if they're just saying whatever they think will keep conservatives from walking away from the GOP and letting Rome burn.

Okay, I had some tiny glimmer hope that the GOP elite was starting to get it, then I saw this and realized,

The GOP totally doesn't get it.

The money quote, from MSNBC, "He" would be referring to Rep. Tom Cole, who is chair of the NRCC, and held the NRCC conference,

He then spoke of the need to "re-brand" the party in the likeness of McCain, which may be a tall order, since many rank-and-file conservatives have reviled McCain for years for his transgressions against party orthodoxy.

Okay, how pitiful is it that MSNBC of all places has a better understanding of what the problem is than the NRCC?

Let Rome burn.

Slublog piles on.

HA has the MSNBC piece linked in Headlines with a quote from one of our braindead GOPers,

This is the floor.  We're below the floor.

Yeah, and you guys are grabbing shovels.  Worthless.

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May 12, 2008

huckabee on top of mccain's vp shortlist?

Seriously, if McCain picks Huck, I'm done.  I'm already not voting for McCain, but I could in theory be convinced to do it.  If its Huckabee, there is zero chance I'll ever be talked into voting for McCain, zero.  No, it doesn't particularly bother me that I'm in a swing state and possibly contributing to the Dems taking the state, McCain doesn't seem too bothered by it either.

I know I've been harsh on McCain of late, I do want to make it clear that I understand and respect those that are gonna get behind him, or even actively support him.  As long as they can respect my choice, I'm fine with it.  I just can't bring myself to support McCain.

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May 09, 2008

why not?

Might as well, he's lost a lot of conservatives at this stage anyway.  Honestly, I could live with his "solutions" to "global warming" if they didn't involve growth of government and government power.  But as we all know, McCain fancies himself Teddy Roosevelt, so its no surprise he's on a crusade to protect the environment by increasing state power. 

McCain still better be careful, he's already going to face shortages in funds and volunteers.  Most people are going to cave and vote for the ratbastard, but every time he does this, he loses small donors and volunteers.  While I think he's got this in a walk, shit happens and he might need base support, and he might discover that it isn't there for him when he needs it.

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May 06, 2008

the mask slips

...and I don't want to hear it from the Fall-in-Line brigades.  McCain's back to full on McAmnesty.  Not like we didn't know, but if he's comfortable enough to go back to the old rhetoric, he's comfortable enough not to at least pretend to need conservative support.  He at least needs to at least be uncomfortable to pretend he isn't bought and paid by open borders advocates.  Screw McCain, I'll be voting downticket and writing in Zombie ReaganMike's right, its time for conservatives to either start looking for a new home or to carve one out of the rotting, stinking corpse of the GOP in a big way.

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