May 25, 2010

This is what happens when you completely destroy your own credibility within your own base, GOP leaders

I don't necessarily fault people who are going for more extreme candidates, and in some cases, candidates with a case of teh crazeepants.  This is exactly what happens when your party leadership destroys its own credibility.  The guy might be a full on crazypants like the state GOP leadership states he is, but people aren't going to take their word for it, because they've been lied to and burned one too many times by the Republican Party. 

That said, we're going to have to see what happens, if either the leadership unfucks itself and starts making real efforts to regain the trust of the base (not seeing signs that this is happening), or if the base gets more active and more savvy as far as recruiting, funding and choosing candidates.

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May 21, 2010

Things Trey Grayson wouldn't have done, pt. 1

Part 1 of a continuing series, to be sure.  Rand Paul has canceled his planned appearance on Meet the Press, something that usually gives a candidate who's actually a good candidate tons of free, positive exposure (see Rubio, Marco), because he's had a "long week."

Jackass. And I'd like to thank Erick Erickson, Sen. Jim DeMint, and all the other people who endorsed Paul over a perfectly qualified candidate, whose only sin was serving the people of Kentucky. 

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May 19, 2010

Vote Rand Paul!

Because no one is more anti-establishment than a sitting Congressman's son!

Srsly, Kentucky? Srsly? Enjoy your choice between a liberal Democrat and a 9/11 Truther Republican

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May 14, 2010

Why The British Coalition Government Is Doomed To Fail

David Brooks supports it, complete with the same set of buzzwords he uses when not polishing Obama's knob.

In so doing, he {PM Cameron} has changed the nature of his own party, and the nature of the Liberal Democrats, his coalition partner. If he had a small majority, he would have been hostage to his most ideological members. As it is, he has potentially weakened the strong partisans in both parties, empowered the pragmatists {sigh-ed} who are better-suited to coalition politics and created a less polarized political climate.

Matthew Parris, also of The Times of London, writes that watching Cameron and Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats’ leader, “was like witnessing a coup. Millions of viewers will have shared my impression almost of watching two men staging a putsch against their own parties, against the entire British political system, and against the ingrained assumptions of more than a century of parliamentary government.” Parris sees the potential for a softening of the normal adversarial culture, a strengthening of the sort of leader who likes compromise and a weakening of the sort that detests it {and how much you wanna bet that the first time Cameron does something Clegg doesn't like, we see a Vote of No Confidence?-ed}.

Fuck consensus. Fuck compromise and ignoring the base of people who helped get you to where you are, only to embrace somebody who will stab you in the fucking back the first chance he gets. Just ask Bob Bennett what happens when you tell your people that they don't fucking matter and that "consensus" and "getting things done" matter more than winning or losing on a fucking set of fucking ideas. Yeah, we will lose from time to time, and we must (sometimes) be a little more flexible in who and where we support certain candidates, but having a core value means something. But the fucking geniuses in the RNC and the RINOs like Brooks try to scold us and tell us that they and their 1962 Metsesque string of failure and incompetence is the way to go.

But wait! Brooksie gets better.

Cameron has the opportunity to look less like a party leader and more like a national leader. Today’s coalition will compel the Tories to formulate policies in new ways, and lodge them closer to the center of the electorate {yeah. Because being a strident ideologue with the courage of convictions always fails against the backdrop of limpness. Just compare and contrast Thatcher to Major or Blair to Brown-ed}

It helps that the Conservative government has already moved to a more communitarian “Big Society” governing philosophy. No longer purely free market, the Tories emphasize rebuilding social bonds {oh fuck me with an alligator's tooth! The Free Market made the British Empire while the social welfare and social compact movement has ruined it-ed}. That means they speak less about slashing government as a matter of principle {and that is bad?-ed} and more about improving it and decentralizing power {but not getting rid of it. And where does this newly decentralized power now go? To the people/commerce, or to the traffic cameras in every town?-ed} This little platoons approach has left- and right-wing variants and has the potential to break down the old ideologies {somehow lost in all of this a freaking understanding of what has worked and what has failed. But an Ivy League Swell like Brooksie is too smart to catch that one-ed}.

Of course, it all could fail. The parties could reject the implant. In U.S. terms, it’s like a marriage between Marco Rubio (The Tory base) and the accumulated wisdom of the Ivy League (the Liberal Democrats) {what the fuck does Rubio have to do with this, given his free market views? That is, unless Brooks concedes that the bases of the conservative parties are at war with their "leaders". In that case, the Rubio/Crist, Bennett/UT GOP, Dede/Hoffman references do match. And what the fuck does the Ivy League have to do with this? Listening to Ivies like Brooks when we should be listening to the businessmen in Sheboygan is what fucked us all over the fuckbarrel the last few years-ed} But Cameron and Clegg are nothing if not flexible {whoa! So they can bend forward and suck their own wangs? That is impressive!-ed}. The entire political class understands what needs to be done {do they? Prove it, ovalfuck-ed}. The financial markets will insist on some serious budgetary restraint.

Without any planning but by sheer good luck, the British may have stumbled into an arrangement that will be a model for all the other countries in the same desperate straits {OK. So if the GOP cleans up this fall, are you going to urge them to be more Obama-like, or urge Obama to adapt to the GOP? So far, he has not been flexible, and our willingness to stand up to him and his policies have helped us gain with the voters. Maybe impasse, gridlock, al or nothing elections, and a clear difference, and not muddle, is what has helped us over the past 220 years or so-ed}.

Seriously, Brooksie, fuck you. Fuck you with a six nippled fucksheep's discharge. Fuck your desire to see consensus now that leftism is set to lose while you urged us to yield to the statists last year. Fuck you for telling us that giving in to "get things done" is better than standing firm, planting your sword in the ground like a Gurkha, and saying, "none shall pass", especially when the "get things done" mantra only applied to fucking up healthcare and the economy, while actually fucking doing something about a real threat (illegal immigration) was deemed awful by you and your Cocktail Party Circuit. Fuck you for telling us we need to reach across the aisle, when doing so leads to disaster for the country with shitty laws being passed. Fuck you for telling us that you and the candlefuckers you associate with are better suited to run things than some hick from the sticks, when all you have done is lead to systems, policies, and political calculations that have put us on the path to ruin. Fuck you for stating that the belief in the free market should give way to the gobbledygook you preach (while you worked for a time for the man who was one of the spiritual and intellectual leaders of the Reagan movement), when your gobbledyfuckinggook is what fails to get us out of trouble. And fuck you for being such a smarmy, arrogant, nasty jackass who can't admit your way is destined to fail and wouldn't know reality if it spit in your pate spread tonight.

You see, Brooksie. Right about now, your beloved coalition building in this country (namely, we give in to Obama) is about to face in November the same sort of trouble that Caffa faced when plague bloated corpses were catapulted at it. And the best part? You and your ilk have no idea it is coming. And when it does, any Not Obama who takes your inevitable advice of giving in for the greater good (after winning on a "Fuck Statism" platform) needs to get the trepanation of fuck and sent back to Fucksville.

So get fucked, flexible coalition style, Brooksie. And use a can of Spotted Dick for lube.

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May 07, 2010

Sen. Dick Lugar (R - UT, apparently)

Sen. Bob Bennett shouldn't be having such trouble in the Utah GOP primary.  Why? Because Sen. Lugar says so, that's why! 

Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) said, “I am deeply concerned that he faces opposition that I don’t believe is warranted."

How about this asshole: they people of Utah get to decide if it's warranted, not you.

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May 03, 2010

Thank God for term(inator) limits

How do you say "Gee, thanks, you enormous fucking roid-addled douche" in German?

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist made headlines last week when he announced he was leaving the Republican Party and continuing his run for the U.S. Senate as an independent. Now, it appears Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was among those who encouraged Crist to make the move.
Any doubts I may have had about him being a piece of shit RINO asshole have now been erased. I'm ashamed to have ever voted for the stupid, squishy motherfucking unprincipled fuckface.


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