August 27, 2010

Shut up you.

Okay, this is getting funny and making me angry, all at the same time. 
We have Ace getting all worked up in both directions, first yelling at his commenters and then basically strenuously arguing exactly the opposite, even going so far as to advocate for a third party. We also have Drew M. telling us to suck it up and trust the NSRC and, funniest of all, Allah getting all militant.

Personally, I think LC Aggie Sith had it right, our political betters learned the lesson from the last two elections and the tea parties and don't like it.
They hate Palin and Beck only slightly less than the Dems hate him, and for the same reason.
She and Beck are threatening their phoney-baloney jobs.
From the Examiner link
I called to ask whether the NRSC would be providing legal counsel to Murkowski’s challenger, Joe Miller and the answer was no.

Of course not, he's not an establishment, career politician who has raised money for them. He's just running for Senate on the Republican ticket.
Never mind that makes him the same as Murkowski, albeit with a lead.
More Examiner quotage
NRSC chairman John Cornyn, R-Texas, had pledged not to get involved in primaries, and Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the committee, was emphatic that Cornyn’s pledge was against getting involved in open primaries

Wait, wait, wait, you said contested primaries not open, what do you mean by trying Clinton your way around what you said?

Cornyn lied.
Comity died.
 He said, and they quote from an ABC article
We will not spend money in a contested primary,(underline V)” Sen. John Cornyn, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told ABC News in a telephone interview today. “There’s no incentive for us to weigh in,” said Cornyn, R-Texas. “We have to look at our resources. . . . We’re not going to throw money into a [primary] race leading up to the election.”(underline V)

So he flat out lied to us, he's sending resources to Alaska, surely that's "spending money on a contested primary"? He just wanted us to shut up back when we were pissed off about the last back-stabbing.
I don't know what he meant by "open primary" anyway, except to be Clintonian and muddy the water with people arguing over the definition of "Is" ... "primary".

They did learn their lesson and it's pissing them off. They like their cushy, phoney-baloney jobs.
They just don't seem to understand that America is a deal. We don't pay too much attention and they don't screw us too badly and at least pretend to kiss our asses.
They broke both of their ends of the bargain and now they're pissed off we aren't keeping up our end.
Elitist iceholes with a huge sense of entitlement bother me.
I don't care how many "harumphs" I get out of them.

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This whole Ken Mehlman coming out of the closet thing

I keep seeing this comment from Mehlman that he only recently recognized he was gay.  Musta been the last to know then, or he takes the public for fools.  Dude, dude, seriously, everyone knew and knows you're gay.  Seriously, the needle on everyone's Gaydar (unless their Gaydar is in dire need of recalibration) flew past Liberace Gay and broke off at the peg the first time they ever saw you on the Sunday talkers or cable news.  Ken, you're gay, and it's okay.  Nobody believes this, "Dudes, I just totally found out I'm gay" shit, don't lie, just own it!  Be out, be fabulous, have fun, and be an eeeeevil right wing maniac, you are not the only homocon out there.

All said, I'm glad that he got to come out on his own terms and didn't end up being forcibly outed by a vicious and vengeful left.  Mehlman always appeared to me to be a very capable guy for a GOP leader, so you know the left would have loved nothing more than to find concrete proof of his gayness and drag him out of the closet in the most nasty, humiliating way possible.

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August 26, 2010

Dear NRSC, RNC, et al...

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Megarobofuck you with a fucking rancid rotopeeler lingering in rusty fuckjuices so hard you would be begging to get your colon peeled sideways for fucking meddling in yet another Republican Primary, and for yet again siding with the wrong fucking candidate to boot. Fuck you for once again siding with a RINO hack from a red state over a guy who actually, Gaia fucking forbid, would be better for Alaska and America than the latest from a long line of crooked family shitbums. And triple fuck you with a side order of fuckloaded hate sauce for trying to tell us that you know better than the fucking voters.

Seriously, you fuck what the fuck fuck fuckity fuck is your fucking problem? Do you not fucking realize that your assholery, stupidity, and chasing of the porkulance as if it were a clean hooker fresh off the boats is what got us into the minority? And you want to continue those fucking ways by continuing to support people such as Murkowski, Bennet, Crist, Specter, Dede, and any other RINO I failed to recall because tehre have been too fucking many of them? If so, then fuck you.

This is the fucking reason I no longer contribute to you, preferring to send my money directly to candidates and PACs of which I approve. I can no longer trust you because I know that you will fucking do this sort of shit with my fucking money, and then criticize me for questioning you. And I can no longer trust that you will hire competent staffers or campaign managers, since you have proven that you prefer spending my money on titty bars, underage House pages, and whatever else you waste time and money on when you should be FUCKING ADVANCING A CONSERVATIVE AGENDA.

So, GOP leaders, the next time I get a fundraising letter from you, You can take that letter, and you stuff it in your hooker's musky fuckpouch. People such as you don’t have the fucking courage to stand up for true ideas instead of just staying in office. And you fucking know it. And you fucking hate me for my refusal to play your game. So fuck you. Fuck you for your arrogance born out of incompetence. Fuck you for ruining my movement and telling me I should know better. And gigafuck you with a flying fucklaser until you realize that we are the power, not you.

Get fucked, GOP leaders. And get the fuck out of the way so that those of us who want something better than you can have a chance to save the country. And if you don't, this is your employment fate:




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August 19, 2010

One More Reason To Mock Mike Bloomberg

Look at who he is now endorsing.

Sadly, though, the PA GOP will probably fuck this up worse than New Coke.

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August 11, 2010


Just Fuck.

Unfortunately, these numbers wouldn't have been much better, if at all, with McInnis.  I don't think.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he could have turned the plagiarism thing around.  I'll say this - the people conducting the whisper campaign after the plagiarism story broke did more of a disservice to him than I think they realize, if anything they were more convincing that he didn't deserve the job.  "That's just what congressmen do" doesn't float, especially this election cycle.

7% of the returned GOP ballots left the gubernatorial selection blank.  I'd be willing to be a good chunk of those were people who would have voted for McInnis but couldn't stomach it, and couldn't stomach voting for Maes either. 

Tom Tancredo learned nothing from NY-23, and the Colorado GOP has learned nothing from the Tea Parties - they're already trying to find someone else to run in place of Maes.  If the local party officials stood by the 11th Commandment as much as they screamed about it when their personal candidates were being exposed for corruption, they'd be backing Maes a hundred percent; instead, they're stabbing him in the back before his campaign even gets started.

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August 09, 2010

Dear Bob Inglis

Fuck you! Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you with the fuckflame of failure for your recent actions. Fuck you for being a whiny bitch. Fuck you for being a sore loser. And fuck you for refusing to see that we will not tolerate your fucking bullshit any fucking more.

You want to complain that your party voting you out for siding with Obama? Well, fuck you, pal. I will not allow my daughter's future to be compromised by people such as you siding with those who wish to render us a third world shithole. And you better fucking guarantee I will support throwing your ass and any other fuckjiggler who thinks bipartisanship, especially since Obama has shown none to us, is the way to go. And I really will not tolerate losers then whining to the media when they lose their own party.

So fuck you, Bob Inglis. Fuck all the RINOs. And fuck anybody who wants to constantly spit in the eyes of their own party. Get fucked. and go to ratings hell (MSNBC) along the way.

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