October 30, 2009

Where's Sonny Corleone when you need him?

Some NRCC staffer videotaping license plates of people attending a Hoffman meet and greet.
Why? The only reasons I can think of are nefarious and have to do with reprisals.

They need to explain why he was doing that. They won't, and yet they still wonder why we're so angry with them. 

From the coverage of the debate, I saw that link at the puppy blender's.

Which coverage is interesting by itself. The Dem treaded water, the Rino actually sounded good on local things but avoided the national stuff she's for, the Conservative came across pretty good too.
Apparently there was a "microphone" problem that only struck Hoffman.
If I were paranoid I ....
Wait, I'm really freaking paranoid, was that on purpose?
I hope so, and I hope it comes out that it was a GOP staffer behind it. Maybe the reaction to that would wake the GOP up.

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Well then: Pataki endorses Hoffman

Story at Politico, Politico hack (who I'm not a fan of) notes a number of Pataki's top campaign people and advisors work for Scozzafava, so he probably has in inside view of Scozzafava's campaign, so a Hoffman endorsement probably means things are bad for Scozzafava, which I think is probably true.  Should be interesting. 

I think Allah's concerns about this encouraging a bunch of third party shenanigans are valid, however being the spastic pessimist he is, I think he's overstating them by a fair margin.  With the caveat that GOP leadership is smart enough to be twice shy after getting a nasty bite in NY-23, if they're going to be stubborn fucking retards and double down on becoming Diet Democrat, I guarantee they make limited gains in Congress and Governor seats.

I will say that if we end up with a squish candidate in 2012, expect a third party run from the right that does 10+%, RINOs will cry like bitches and blame you wingnutty wingnuts for "letting the Democrat win," but I can guarantee said hypothetical squish would have lost anyway, just maybe not as badly.  Grassroots conservatives are making it damned clear they're in a foul mood, and they aren't playing games with the fucktards in the upper echelons of the GOP.

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October 29, 2009

Of course he hasn't been attending his Senate Judiciary meetings

...kinda hard to attend Senate Judiciary Committee meetings from under John McCain's desk, after all.

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October 28, 2009

If ever there was a reason to get involved...

It should be to make sure that THIS doesn't happen.

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October 26, 2009

False Realism - A Message to the GOP

Dear GOP,

You claim to be the big boys in the room - the mature, calculating ones. Please act that way. Accept the reality on the ground. You need conservatives -- in NY-23 and elsewhere.

By now, the party should have realized that the conservative base is a parameter, not a variable to be manipulated or tweaked. They're here to stay. If you flip them off, they'll flip you off. Call it immature, unreasonable – whatever floats your boat – but acknowledge that it is real and enduring. Conservatives will not put up with ultra-liberal Republicans.

You seem to not appreciate the dividing line between moderate and liberal. For instance, Moderate Republican Congressman Jim Gerlach has an ACU rating just a tick over 60, and we're cool with him. Heck, he's running for statewide office in PA, and if this Bonusgate thing gets out of hand for Corbett he may have a shot. Liberal Senators Snowe and Collins (who frankly get quite a bit of leeway) have ACU ratings just under 50. Specter's ACU rating as of 2008 was a dismal 44.47. Linc Chafee's life number? 34 and change.

Do you see the a pattern here? If you shove somebody down our throats who is with us less than half the time we have serious problems.

The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor. - Ronald Reagan

If only we had more candidates with whom we agreed 80% of the time! As an empirical and practical matter, conservatives are basically OK with 60%, particularly in swing districts. 50% gets us irritated. Below that and the party is really asking for trouble.

Now, as Scozzafava has no Congressional voting record and thus no ACU figure, a little guess work is called for. But from where most conservatives see it, she's well below 50%. She's Arlen Specter in drag. That's a problem.

Is Hoffman a great fit for the district? Maybe not. But you probably should have thought of that earlier. Who is the Conservative party supposed to put up? A moderate? No, it’s on you – the party, the big boys, the ones with supposed power and insight – to put forth acceptable candidates.

When I see people like Newt Gingrich saying “You can’t have a purely right-wing majority” to justify his endorsement of Scozzafava, he’s engaged in a false realism about electoral politics. His statement is surely true, but his application of it is horribly flawed.

Get real. Grow up. Be strategic. Cut your losses. Dump Dede.

That is, dump her if you're more interested in winning the seat than teaching conservatives a lesson about insurgency. You're supposed to be all about winning, right?

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The NRCC Is So Retarded, I Wonder If They Even Knew About This Video


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October 23, 2009

The RINOs Can Fuck Off For All I Care

Thanks to Jimmie B, I came across this article over at RedState.

In fact, what the GOP needs right now is leadership. Talk radio and places like RedState are filling a void because the GOP is behaving spectacularly crapulently. Lindsey Graham is collaborating with cap and traders. Pete Sessions and the NRCC are throwing their money down the rat hole that is the Scozzafava campaign. John Cornyn tries to shut out conservative hispanics in favor of squishy, but well tanned governors. The strategy is to be more like the Democrats. It is disappointing.

Yes it is. I am sick of (alleged) goat molesting assfisting RINOs. I am sick of them fucking us over and helping Obama push through his legislation. And I get Hulkamaniac Level Pissed when I read this:

Some Republicans — the reasonable ones — think Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. are not worth listening too. Sweet Lindsey who is snuggling up to the French Looking John Kerry. John McCain who is still bitter conservatives did not fall down and worship him like the Democrats did to Obama. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Also today, Harry Reid claims he has the votes for a public option.

This is all coordinated. Harry Reid does not have the votes. And Obama is now determined to split the GOP. The best way to do that is to play to their vanity — accuse the Republicans of being Rush Limbaugh’s boot lickers. How do they prove otherwise? They vote for the public option and prove they aren’t tools of tea party activists, talk radio guys, and RedState bloggers.

The added benefit here is that Obama distracts from the fact that he cannot hold Democrats together. They can be called “independent” while the GOP, with the Politico’s help, gets cast as trembling slaves afraid of their master.

Yeah. At this point, any RINO that works with Obama to push through his shit are nothing but Democrats in my mind and should be treated as such. And for extra measure, they should fuck themselves with a beehive.


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October 22, 2009

From The "No Shit, Sherlock!" Files

Rasmussen confirms that the GOP Base believes that the GOP Leadership ignores them. Gee, whoda thunk?

President Obama told an audience at a Democratic Party fundraiser Wednesday night that Republicans often “do what they’re told,” but GOP voters don’t think their legislators listen enough to them.

Just 15% of Republicans who plan to vote in 2012 state primaries say the party’s representatives in Congress have done a good job of representing Republican values.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 73% think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters from throughout the nation. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided.

And maybe related, Dana Loesch has a plan.

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October 21, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Scozzafava FAIL

Alternate title: Never hold a photo-op in front of your opponent's campaign headquarters. 


Some FAIL video is at the link.

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October 20, 2009

Once Again, The GOP Leadership Proves How Foolish They Are

Latest funding information on the NY 23 Special Election:

The Club {For Growth} has already spent more than $300,000 on the race {For Doug Hoffman, Conservative Dude of Awesomeness}, so this brings its investment to more than $600,000 total. 

By comparison, the NRCC has spent $567,000 on {Dipshit RINO Dede}Scozzafava's behalf, and the DCCC has spent $387,000 on {Some Democrat Guy Named}Owens's behalf.

Also in recent days, SEIU has gone up with a $100,000 radio ad buy for Owens -- its first investment in the race.

Ok, so it looks as though the RNC is set to prop up a RINO (who runs from the Weekly Standard)against a Conservative. Already, that's bad, but expected. I mean, gotta push the "electable" candidate, right?

But wait, it gets worse. WHere will Newt Gingrich, the leader of the 1994 Revolution, cast his lot? Why, with the RINO, of course.

Sigh. A solid victory for conservatism in the face of Obama and the RINOs in an environment that is conducive to the anti Obama crowd to make serious and substantive gains, and the GOP fucks it up? Well...

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October 17, 2009

Rinos for sale

Via the Agitator we find some interesting information in the Washington Examiner.
They talk about how proud Obama is of dis-elected Rinos who are in favor of Obama-care. Bill Frist, Bob Dole and some apparatchiks are named.

But what we (that's the royal "we", I mean "I"V) didn't know is
these pro-"reform" Republicans are lobbyists, consultants and directors for the drug companies, hospitals and other health care corporations that stand to profit from Obama's reform.

Color me totally unsurprised.

And that's why we need 100% turnover in Congress. Throw every single one of the bums out. They're all insiders who care more about their prerogatives and perks and stealing my money to buy votes than they do about actually doing what's right for the country.

I almost posted this in the comments of DPUD's post below because it's related, but I figured it was better to focus on the need for 100% turnover of our intellectual, social, moral and political betters in Congress.
Each and every one is an elitist prick with a huge fucking sense of entitlement who thinks I need to shut up, send in my money and vote for any asshole with an (R) after his fucking name.

Get rid of them and let them get their money lobbying for oil ticks instead of stealing mine.
The next batch can't be worse but they will be new to the system so it'll take them a while to figure out how to steal.
Eddie Murphy's character in "The Distinguished Gentleman" was, if anything, not as bad it really is in Washington.

American politicians have forgotten that they work for us, they don't rule us.
I really hope they don't push hard enough to require that we show them what we've showed every other bastard who tried to "rule" us.

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October 16, 2009

GOP leaders bitching about conservative challenges to their RINO candidates

Big surprise, they highlight the race between the GOP leadership appointed RINO Scozzafava and Hoffman, who has strong backing from local tea party activists and conservatives.  Right now, they're splitting the GOP vote. 

The GOP is going to have to learn, we're not fucking budging on this.  It's not a fucking game to us, we're not interested in losing with honor like them, this isn't a chess game to us.  We're here to win, we're not interested in big nanny government, having wild government expansions passed by people with Rs next to their names doesn't make it any more palatable to us.

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October 07, 2009

You rat cowards

Word is the Senate GOP is considering folding and going along with Obamacare.  If they're that fucking clueless, what the fuck do you even say?  What can be said? 

God damn the GOP.

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October 03, 2009

Rule Number One for all Conservatives: Never, EVER trust the GOP leadership

EVER.  Bill Frist admits he'd vote for Obamacare.  Fucking rat, let's not forget what kind of leadership position this fucking twat had.  Let's also remember this is the same asshat who snuck a ban on internet gambling into an unrelated bill because apparently allowing people do with their own money what they want makes Bill Frist and Baby Jesus cry, so he had to ban it, For Our Own GoodTM, and For The ChildrenTM.  Guys like Frist are as bad as Obama and the Democrats.

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