February 19, 2010

Leave It To Newt Gingrich To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Not Defeat

Good fucking grief! What the fuck are you doing, Mister Speaker? What teh fuck fuck fuckity fucking with the gavel fuck are you doing? Work with these fucking assholes? Seriously?

Sadly, I think you are serious.

The Republicans should not be afraid to walk in with a series of positive ideas and to work with Democrats on legislation in a genuinely bipartisan fashion. Some GOP partisans so deeply distrust Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Harry Reid that they assume even meeting with them is an act of betrayal. But Republicans should have confidence that they can always say no to bad ideas. Indeed, they should be open to the possibility of finding supportable measures that would be good for the country and totally compatible with their values.

Which would mean saying "no" to anything Obama offers.

Look, why should I listen to a guy who walked into budget negotiations with Bill Clinton, only to be surprised that he would roll him? Why should I listen to a guy who urges bi-partisanship when the voting public is saying "hell no" to the current Obamacare proposals? Why should I listen to a guy who tried to play nice with the media and Democrat establishment (the Mediacrats) that openly mocked and refused to return the favor? And why the fuck should I listen to a guy urging bipartisanship when telling the Democrats and their plans to fuck off with the brush they use in curling worked in NJ, VA, and MA?

Mister Speaker, Obama is wither going to push his piece of shit legislation through via parliamentary tricks, or he won't, regardless of what we do; the fact that he hasn't done so already suggests he is having trouble, so why help him? Why help him ruin the country, especially when the country is ready to punish him and his party later this year? Adn why help piss off a good part of your own party's base over something your party doesn't want?

Mister Speaker, I loved what you did in 1994, so please learn your own lessons from that time and realize that this is a different time, with different rules, problems, and solutions. Helping this crowd, especially since they told us just last year that "shut up" and "I won" were reasonable debate points, negates any reward for bipartisanship and makes efforts toward such self defeating and foolish. And helping them off the ropes only will piss off and alienate those of us who are ready to vote the party you used to lead back into power.

I wish you well, Mister Speaker. But please stop sitting next to Nancy Pelosi. Her botox is seeping into your brain, and the results are not pretty.

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February 16, 2010

At this point it appears that John McCain doesn't have a lot to worry about

Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who on Monday officially entered Arizona's Republican race against Sen. John McCain, defended his recent call for President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, suggesting his questions stem not from conspiracy theories that Obama was really born in Kenya but from concerns about identity theft.


"Identity theft? I mean, come on," an incredulous CNN host Campbell Brown said, laughing. "Is that honestly what this is about?"


A truther in Texas and a semi-birther in AZ.  This is going to be an interesting campaign season.

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You wanna know why the Tea Party set is so unruly?

Because of shit like this, if there is one thing, just one thing that I've learned about PA politics, if there is a wrong choice or answer, the PA GOP leadership will make that wrong choice.  If there is a way to fuck something up, the PA GOP will fuck it up, with zeal.  There is no reason that PA should be as blue as it is.  The state GOP threw their support and endorsement to Tom Corbett.  GOP supporters and Tea Partiers posted their disagreement on the PA GOPs Facebook page, and the PA GOP promptly started deleting and banning comments and commenters who dared, dared question the exalted PA GOP's endorsement.

PA should have a good number of GOP pickups this year, but I guarantee our gains will be modest because of failures in leadership.  I don't think the Tea Partiers will run 3rd candidates in any significant way PA, but they will stay home if it's made clear they aren't wanted.

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