September 25, 2008

Now I know what to get dpud for Christmas

I guess I'd better hurry, though, seeing as how there are only a few days left on the auction.

(Via Tim Blair, thx to Veeshir.)

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September 21, 2008

Oh Noes! ZombieDogs!


Run 4 ur livz!

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September 10, 2008

Never Fear Folks! The Government May Have A Plan To Fight Zombies After All!

One of the things I feared most this upcoming election was how both candidates would be able to handle the looming Zombie Menace.

Well, it appears as some "out of the box" thinkers have a plan. And it may or may not involve the military (as I am not at liberty to confirm or deny the existence of these plans), or some old school tactics.

So what would our military do? Even though the standard-issue M-16 is inferior to the Garand, we have lots of troops and bullets, assuming they're not all tied up indefinitely in the Middle East. Since zombies can't breed except by spreading their infection, containment and quarantine would be necessary to protect uninfected urban areas — typically the sort of job assigned to FEMA, which we may want to rethink. After that, the military could surround and wipe out the zombies using time-honored (and very Hollywood) tactics such as high explosives, incendiaries, and massed gunfire. The army and marines would likely do the heavy lifting, with air force and navy fighters providing close air support. As long as the military can protect the troops from infection and isn't handcuffed by liberal politicians who really want the zombies to win, we should be able to handle things. Strategy and using the stupidity of zombies against them is key, as exemplified in Brooks's recounting of what he tells us was the largest zombie outbreak in history — 121 AD in Scotland. (Also the home of the Picts, who fought naked while painted blue. Combat in ancient Scotland was definitely a trip.) Using funneling trenches, flaming pitch, and swords, a Roman force of 480 men was able to dispatch 9,000 zombies with only 150 casualties.

Rest easy, folks. Rest easy.

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