July 25, 2008

Finally, A Dating Service For Zombies!

Suck it, eHarmony!

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July 07, 2008

Living dead boy

I know we've got some zombie fans around here, but I kinda doubt any of them are quite as gung-ho about the whole thing as this guy, who's becoming a living zombie:

I still want to get my brain shaded in. I want to get it all nice and grey like hamburger meat. And then I want to get Frankenstein bolts sticking out of my head around the rim of where my scalp’s ‘cut off’.

And I’ve thought about getting my eyes blacked in. I’m thinking that in five years from now, if no one’s gone blind from it by then I’ll go and get my eyes tattooed black, so there’d just be big holes in my face.

As for tattoos, I’ve still got to get under my arms done, then I’ve got to finish the intestines and get a contour added to the demon on my chest. I’m going to get bones sticking out of my knees, my toes done in skeleton print, and have patches of muscle scattered around – with worms coming out of the wounds.
If you think some of that sounds pretty extreme, wait until you read about what he wants to do with his nose and ears.

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July 03, 2008

Claymation Japanese Zombie Action!


What more could I add?

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