October 26, 2008

For all your Zombie Apocalypse needs

To prove that my consumer whoredom isn't limited to shoes, I bring you this vital store. Zombie Tools For all your zombie killing needs.

I kind of really want the zombie Che t-shirt.

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Zombies, Palin converge on Asheville

The dead have risen, and they're shambling past a Sarah Palin rally:

As many as 700 zombies are expected to amble up Flint Street past the Civic Center about 5 p.m., just after doors open for the Palin event.

Dan Burrello, who started the Asheville Zombie Walk in 2006, said he spoke with the Secret Service and Palin advance team about the walk.

“I mean, when you see 700 shambling dead zombies walking toward the Civic Center up the bridge, it would probably get the Secret Service's attention,” Burrello said with a laugh Friday. “So we gave them a heads up on it to make sure they know we're not doing any kind of protest or (are a) threat in anyway.”
It may just be a coincidence, but then again, you don't see anyone searching for brrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnns anywhere near a Joe Biden event.


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October 22, 2008

The Outbreak

Finally, an interactive zombie movie!  It's kind of like a video "Choose Your Own Adventure," but with undead corpses, violence, and copious swearing.   So you might not want to view this at work or within earshot of impressionable children.


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October 20, 2008

Obligatory: Six signs you're about to be attacked by zombies

Enjoy!  I've got another zombie link that'll probably go up later in the week. 


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October 19, 2008

In any other year, this would be funny

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October 07, 2008

Zombies invade Springsteen country

Today was the first annual Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and it was apparently a success, as "more than 200 people dressed as the undead and lumbered through the town."

"So far the turnout is more than we could have imagined it to be. The idea is just to go out, have some fun and spice up the night for some people who probably aren't going to expect to see an army of the undead walking the streets," said another organizer, Chris Hartsgrove.
Thankfully, it sounds like no panicky Guidos with guns were on hand for the event. That could have been a disaster. 

(On the other hand, the idea of a bunch of terrified Guidos being ripped apart by an army of zombies fills me with the same kind of glee that I'm sure alexthechick feels when a pair of thigh-high leather boots go on sale.)

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October 05, 2008

I just found dpud a new hobby

Zombie tag!

Welcome to the world of Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ), a tag-like game that is the latest trend in campus entertainment. An HvZ game typically involves hundreds of students and runs 24 hours a day for days on end; dwindling numbers of humans try to fend off and outlast growing legions of zombies.

The rules are fundamentally simple: Zombie tags human, human becomes a zombie. Unlike movie zombies, with shambling walks and undead makeup, zombies in the game just wear headbands to distinguish them from armband-wearing humans. And they are free to sprint.

Humans ward off zombies with Nerf guns or by hitting them with a balled-up sock — a defensive move that stuns the zombie, usually for 15 minutes. The goal is to still be a live human at the end.

They have a website dedicated to the game here. It sounds like fun, and it's probably good training for the coming apocalypse.


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