November 24, 2008

How Long Before Spain Is Swarmed By Zombies?

I mean, this concept has EPIC FAIL written all over it.

Santa Coloma de Gramanet, near Barcelona, has placed 462 solar panels over its multi-storey mausoleums.

Officials say the scheme was initially greeted with derision, but families who use the cemetery eventually supported the idea following a public campaign.

There are now plans to erect more panels at the cemetery and triple the amount of electricity generated.

The cemetery was chosen for the project because it is one of only a few open, sunny places in the crowded city, which has a population of 124,000 crammed into 4 sq km (1.5 sq miles).

The installation cost 720,000 euros (£608,000) but will keep about 62 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year, said Esteve Serret, a director of Conste-Live Energy, the company that runs the cemetery and also works in renewable energy.

"The best tribute we can pay to our ancestors, whatever your religion may be, is to generate clean energy for new generations," he said.

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November 22, 2008

Finally! A Gift For DPUD!

Remote Control Walking Zombies!

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November 19, 2008

Dismember me zombie doesn't like to be disappointed

Peel thinks this is a perfect item for my Christmas list.  I'd agree, but only if I got this to go with it so I could send the undead plushy menace back to hell...I wonder if they have side by side Nerf or marshmallow guns. 

And before anyone says it, yes, I know automatic weapons are highly inefficient and wasteful when hunting zombies, real or otherwise.

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November 18, 2008

Stock up on guns!

No, not just because Obama will repeal the second amendment and use his volunteer-driven brown shirts to enforce ruthless fascistic tactics upon the unsuspecting American populace.

No, not beacuse right now Chinese nuclear submarines are cruising off San Francisco Bay chortling at our preoccupation with gay rights while they prepare a massive assault on our way of life.

No, not because America's worst enemies are sporting a permerection at the thought of unconditional talks with President Kowtow.

But because the Zombies have finally captured the hearts and minds of Madison Avenue.  And when the Zombies are working as models, it's only a matter of time until they come for your brains.

Click below, if you dare...


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November 12, 2008

No more Humans vs Zombies

At the University of Maryland.

"There was a mutual agreement to cease and desist the game," said University Police spokesman Paul Dillon. Police met with members of the group last week to discuss safety concerns raised by university members and agreed to stop the game until further notice, he said.

The police's concerns arose when they received a call from a professor about a man who seemed to be carrying a real gun, Dillon said. Through an investigation, they found the person was a member of the NERF Activity Society, he said.

If they'd just come to their senses and allow guns on campus, this wouldn't raise eyebrows.

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November 11, 2008

Thank you Simon Pegg

Good to know he thinks fast zombies are bullshit too.

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