April 14, 2010

Why She Quit

St. Andrew of the Massaged Prostate has this to say on the matter:

12 million since July. In today's conservative world, being a well-oiled media celebrity gets so much more respect than knowing how to govern a state.

First, a couple of nitpicky writing issues.  What he should have said was that being a well-oiled media celebrity gets you so much more MONEY than GOVERNING a state.  12 million dollars isn't respect and Palin's job wasn't to "know how to govern a state."

But that is neither here nor there.  I get what his pot-addled brain MEANT and even there he is totally wrong.  Sarah Palin looked at the likelihood that staying governor would bankrupt her family in addition to subjecting them to the loudly shouted delusions of psychotics and decided that she should instead pursue a media career that would make her family rich and protect her from at least some of the vitriol and undeserved hate she received on a daily basis.

As a family man, I can't even imagine making a different decision.  This, of course, is why we can't find but a few decent people to seek and attain higher office since it simply isn't worth it.  If it was just me I couldn't find a price for my ideals but if you include my daughter and wife in the matter, I bet I could find you a price pretty quickly.  Its just part of being an adult. 

There are a million reasons AS could never understand that.

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