December 31, 2009

Thank You, Lefties, For Reaffirming Everything I Knew About You

As the news of Rush Limbaugh's health situation broke and developed through the night, the unsurprising level of hate spewing forth from the left on their blogs or on other social media sites reached China Syndrome levels of sickness. Save a classy tweet from Rachel Maddow, the reaction from our "betters" was a case illustration of how nasty, mean, petty, cruel, and hateful their otherwise empty souls really are. They were reacting on a personal level to a man who holds political views opposite of their own. They were hoping for the death of a man who didn't engineer murders or try to kill our servicemembers on the field of battle. They filled thread upon thread on their sites with taunts and classless statements.

And to that, I say, "Thank You." Thank you, lefties. Thank you for dropping the mask of tolerance and revealing for all to see how nasty  and sick you are. And thank you for allowing me to say the following to you:


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