December 31, 2008

Excuses (Etcism)

I recently got into my annual debate with an ultra-liberal family member and therefore will be ranting to you on several topics I was too tired/rushed/drunk to flesh out during the debate. 

One issue we approached was the intrinsic disadvantage people of "victim classes" live under.  I think it works like this:

A person of a victim class looks at their life and says, "this shit is fucking hard and it never gets any easier."  Then, they look at their own efforts and do not find them lacking so they look to find the reason why.  History provides them with fodder for saying their difficulties in life are caused by racism/sexism/etcism.* 

Now, society and government buy into this grievance and attempt in good faith to alleviate it.  Things change and life disadvantages are removed but ... what the fuck?  Life is still hard!  The system must still be broken. 

The cycle repeats forever.

Why?  Well, as a blessed white male with no possible disadvantages in life** I am going to let everyone in on a little secret. 

Life is fucking hard.  All the time.  It never gets easier.  There is no point at which you have "succeeded" and can relax.  It is hard for rich people and poor people and beautiful people and ugly people and smart people and stupid people.  Always.  No matter what. 

Nothing the government has or ever will do can change that.  I know, sucks.  Tough shit. 

* - I'm not saying that these disadvantages do not exist or that they don't have significant effects on the ability of these groups to prosper.  I am merely saying that these disadvantages (particularly in modern America) pale in comparison to the default background difficulty level of life itself.

** - I could get into the specific and rather damaging disadvantages I was born with but nobody wants to hear about MP in that much detail.  Let's just say I had to overcome some chemical imbalances over time that set me back about a decade.  No big whoop.  I look at it as a learning experience.

Update: I like the term Etcism.  I'm claiming it.  If you use it you have to say, "Coined by the Illustrious Moron Pundit of DPUD" after each use.  It is decreed!

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December 18, 2008

I Don't Know If This Means Anything Or Not

But the furor on the left over Obama tapping Rick Warren for the inaguration triggered a thought in my head (which means it will die of loneliness).

Does anybody really expect the Kossacks to sit out in 2010 or 2012 if/when Obama rolls them and doesn't push 111% of their zaniness?

Again, just a thought.


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December 14, 2008

Salvation Army in trouble

If this is happening nationwide, maybe we all could pitch in just a little more.

The Salvation Army said it may need to reduce some of its services despite increasing demand because of lack of donations in Denver.

Capt. Ron McKinney, city coordinator for The Salvation Army, said people are seeking services from the charity in numbers that haven't been seen in decades but donations are down 30 percent. Salvation Army officials said because of the decline in donations, 360 families seeking services were turned away last month.
A commenter there pointed out that if we each just gave up one froufrou coffee, we could make a huge difference.

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